Mar 22, 2014

02-18-14 Game Plan to Survive the Next Year or So

Mom thanks for the email and such. It definitely had some good advice that I’ll have to think over this coming week. Definitely no coincidences in life I guess. : ) Brother Alcantera is an awesome guy so thank him for sharing his experience as a missionary. The struggle for me is still there - and the decision is still in the air as to whether I come home early, but I’ll take into consideration what you said. Thanks again!

As for the music idea.  A piano is kinda hard to come by around here, but I’ll definitely try to sing a little more in the sector. Sadly, as for the Marche sellers, I think I’ll stick to sarcasm and smooth talking, not singing. haha!  The funny story is that I’ve been increasing my musical abilities out here, but in a different way. I am learning how to beat box!  Every p-day I look up some instructions and techniques and then practice throughout the week. Whenever I have free time I am beat-boxing around the apartment.  Yup, cultivating talents while on my mission!

So for the mail, I don’t know the address, I think emailing the Whitesides (senior couple) might be the best option. They probably know better than I. Also, if you want, putting money in my account for new clothes might be better - I could buy more for cheaper here than for you to send things.  But as for treats, I will welcome those. heehee 

We just had a zone conference yesterday. On Sunday the mission president announced that one of the branches was being split and that the church is building a church owned building starting this summer! We need 500 more members to create a Stake which would help start talk of a temple. Right now Cameroon is at 100 baptisms a year, so maybe 2 or 3 years if the pace picks up. But yesterday, I had an interview with President Cook.  Me and him are still not friends. My interview left me angry and frustrated. I tried to express some of my struggles but none of that got through to him. Now I’ve decided, that I’m just doing things how I want, whether he likes it or not.  

To answer some of your questions: I live in an apartment with 4 missionaries now. However, two are always working and kind of non-friendly. We had a little bit of tension the last week because I have really shaken up their routine and I also ate their left-over french toast.  Woops! Then it’s me and Hunt, so 4 guys.  So, this apartment is a little different but it’s okay. 

This week was a little slow, a lot of inward reflection going on as you can imagine.  Sorry that I don’t have any crazy stories but I’ll try again next week. I hope things are continually going well for y'all!  Keep up the good work and let me know about your success and experiences.

I have a new game plan to survive the next few months here in Africa.  If you could deposit some money into my account so I can buy a few new clothes - all my old ones are sort of destroyed. Also, my camera seems to be busted (figures) so if at all possible I would like to buy a new one. About $100 would be good. Those are things that would be really nice to have. 

Second, I would like Kaleb/Ferious/Gabbie/Drew/Maya to take over my Facebook and help spice it up a bit. From the pictures I sent home I figure you could change my cover photo and profile pic. (they’ll understand what that means. No offense mom). I figure if I’m going to stay out here I might as well be proud of it! 

I am rededicating and resetting my thoughts of the mission! Hopefully this lasts for another year :)

Thanks, I love you all and the sacrifice that I know you are making on my behalf.  After all, as Pres Monson says, “A mission is a family affair!”  Let me know next p-day if any of these requests are possible.