Mar 22, 2014

03-17-14 What the Chinois!

Big news! The mission is getting split in July. It will become the Brazzaville Congo mission. Basically they are splitting off the Americans from the Africans, and we will be getting a new mission president. It’s been a rumor passing around the missionaries for a bit so this is kind of cool that it is confirmed. 

The week was really slow number-wise. We had to take two sick days because Kampoy was feeling a little sick, almost went crazy in the apartment after 48 hours. Also for some reason Kampoy and I have been silently designated apartment "moms" in the fact that we cook every meal, which means getting home a little earlier and also we go on emergency shopping runs. I guess without a senior couple we have sort of filled the spot.  I guess it’s just preparing me to be a dad, right? 

Julius Baking a Cake as the "Apartment Mom"!
And he says he doesn't know how to cook. He just needed a reason to remember. 

Funny, you should mention kids. I love kids in Africa. My favorite investigators are Regine and Beldin (8 and 11). Teaching them is so nice and they have so much love for others. On Saturday, I played with a little toddler, putting my sunglasses on her and dancing together. And when that got old I became a rocket-ship! I wish everyone had a chance to be around a little African child. Sadly, we can’t go work in orphanages because institutions might try and pawn their kids off on us. 

So to explain the title - Sunday I was sitting outside the church filling out one of the hundred forms (in the movie – The OtherSide of Heaven - there is a scene where he spends a whole night filling out forms - I finally understand that part of the movie) but like I was saying, all of a sudden I hear, "What is this a church or something?"  Looking up, I saw an Asian speaking English!!  I was so shocked I couldn’t think of what to say for a bit. It’s rare to have someone say something in English let alone someone from another Nationality. (Which explains the Title - Chinois is a loanword from the French adjective meaning Chinese) Finally, I stammered out "Yeah, why are you here?" After a short discussion I ushered him in where he sat with a member from London who helped translate. Sadly, this isn’t one of those preach my gospel stories.  A few minutes later he came back out and said, "Okay, I’m going, maybe when I learn French I’ll come back."  Not being able to convince him to stay, he left. And that was the last I saw of Nick. Who knows, maybe I'll see him on the side of the road and give him an English Book of Mormon?  So, that’s the spiritual news from this week. 

I think it’s funny that Maya wants me to stay on the mission so she can have bragging rights. Trust me Maya, I don’t want to take away your bragging rights or anybody else's.  It’s definitely not like me to be like this which makes me think this mission isn’t for me. I gave myself next Monday as an absolute deadline to decide, so you will know by next week for sure. 

Mom, I’d definitely be down with coming back to do service with you.  I’ve got the French now and the experience, sadly I have no clue what Kinshasa is like so, that would be another adventure. 

This week was honestly uneventful so I don’t have much to say. I love you guys bunches! I miss all the fun times with siblings and parents.  Keep safe in Colorado!

This reminds me of school days. Can you believe they know 4 square here too? These kids are innovative and can make something out of nothing.