Mar 22, 2014

03-10-14 Another Week Down – I’m Still in the Game

A spaghetti-omelet is just about the best thing on the planet! You cook up an omelet with onions, peppers, tomatoes, whatever else ya want - but then add cooked spaghetti!  Put it on bread with mayo and voila! I suggest it as a possible dinner one night.

The new companionship is going well.  We have become very good friends in the first 3 days. There will be times when he doesn’t talk, but when he does, he opens up a lot. So far so good! 

My wound is getting better - no infection, I think. I realized you aren’t supposed to put hydrogen-peroxide in puncture wounds so I stopped that. I think in two weeks it’ll be back to perfect.  

This week was kinda normal. Tuesday, my last day with Elder Hunt, we saw a cool feat of Mother Nature. We were walking and all of a sudden a hawk dives past Hunt's head and takes away a little bird on the side of the road!  It was funny because seconds before we both said, "hey those are some pretty, little birds", then woosh haha. I guess it’s the circle of life! 

Hunt then left Wednesday - so no work that day. Then the next day, I had to wait with an MTC bound African, who had been staying with us until he left, so no work Thursday either.

Friday and Saturday were slow, just trying to catch up from the lack of work. During all this free time I learned to play Solitaire (Vegas style) and got addicted. I played round after round until I honed my skills to Vegas status. haha. 

I have decided that I want to do some French tutoring while I’m home. I really don’t want to lose my French but it’ll be hard to keep up in America - where the world is culturally illiterate and speaks American and nothing else :) I’m kidding, I love America! . Which by the way I just got Christmas cards from ward (church) members - it was a nice reminder of home. 

After another week, I think I am even closer to coming home. My desire to do work is falling. I am still talking to my mission president, but I guess you guys will know soon enough. I am simply thinking that for me, I will progress more if I am at home. 

Nonetheless, spirits are high here! I love you all and am thankful for the support I get from you all the time. Keep working hard - I love all you guys!