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Julius would love to hear from you although,
per the mission rules, he can only respond to his Mohter's emails.

You can also write to Julius at:

Elder Julius Miles Johnson
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
PO Box 3171 
Douala, Cameroon
How to mail to the cities of Douala and Yaoundé (Cameroon) and Pointe Noire (Congo).

DO NOT send anything to the mission home.
There is no mail in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Anything sent there will not arrive.

Mailing directly to Yaoundé or Pointe Noire is NOT possible.

Mail can be sent to Douala, and will generally be received. Be aware that your packages will require the Douala Sr. Couple to visit the post office, witness the opening of your package and negotiate and pay the postage charges.  Packages for Elders not residing in Douala, are held by the Sr. Couple until someone can hand carry them to Yaoundé or Pointe Noire. This may take several weeks.

Douala address:
Elder Julius Miles Johnson
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
PO Box 3171
Douala, Cameroun

Instructions from the missionary department are that the missionary and his family must cover the cost of all charges for mail.

The following suggestions will help minimize the cost to get packages from the post office:

A 5x7 padded envelope will fit into the PO Box and should not incur postal tax, food tax, or duties and are much more likely to arrive intact.

Duty is levied on packages not put in the PO Box on the basis of cost of the package, content, insurance value and freight costs. There is no consistency on the charge and they open nearly every package. Costs range from 0 to $7 per package.

There is no need to send garments. If your missionary needs additional garments, the Sr. Couple can order them.  He will receive them in about 6 weeks.

Please don’t send Liahonas or Ensigns. Each missionary companionship receives the monthly Liahona. Remember that approved Missionary reading material comes from a very limited church list.

Please don’t write on the box, “Religious Material” unless the box contains only church materials.  We want the people to know that Mormons are completely honest. Remember that most packages are opened to verify the content.

Packages containing food sometimes attract insects and rodents. If you want to send food, bag it and seal it well in several layers of plastic or other wrap.

Please also be sensitive to the fact that your son’s African companion will NOT get any packages for Christmas, birthday’s, etc., and does not have money for any extras.  Please tailor your packages accordingly.