May 22, 2013

05-12-2013 thru 05-14-2013 Happy Mothers Day

The last 6 weeks went by really fast since I opened my call.  I finished up the semester at BYU while getting all my shots and paperwork (passport, visa) done. I was able to get all my shopping done for pants, short sleeve shirts and closed toe sandals (missionary wear in Africa), glasses, medicines, etc. I'm packing as light as possible since my bag can only weigh 66 lbs, but it's hard because I have to take all supplies for the 2 years with me.  Most items that we can run to the store for in the states, cannot be found there.  And I've hear that it's near impossible to get a package through the mail and it's very expensive as I have to pay for it on my end too in Africa.  My mom is stressing on how few things I'm taking, but she's just worried that I won't have enough shoes, medicines, or comforts from home with me.   

On Mother's Day I was set apart as a Missionary, which means that, for the next 3 days, until I get to the MTC, I have to act and dress as a missionary.  No phone, TV, or electronics.  It won't be to bad after I get to the MTC but in the real world it's hard to avoid using those items.  I'm excited to start my mission but have mixed emotions about leaving everyone for 2 years.

From Left to Right: 
Mom (Heidi), Robert (Step Dad), Me (Julius), Brothers (Ferious and Kaleb) and Sister (Maya). 

 Bishop Montgomery of Piney Creek Ward and I

President Millet of Denver Stake and I

May 13th we flew back to Utah and visited the Temple in SLC the next day. My mom, step dad, and I went through the Temple in the morning while everyone else scoped out the new mall across the street. Spending time with the family made it much easier to go without electronics. 
From Left to Right:
Wahid (My Dad), Ferious and Kaleb (My Brothers), Me, Maya (my sister)

Dad and Me

Step Dad (Robert), Me, Mom (Heidi)

Standing ontop of the World or so it seems - in front of the SLC Temple

Mom insisted we go into the canyons and enjoy a bit of nature that evening.
It was nice in the mountains and good to spend time with family before I leave.

Snow run off river we played and hiked at in Big Cotton Wood Canyon