Mar 22, 2014

02-23-14 Senior Couple Encourages Julius to Stay

Dear Sis. Johnson,
I'm attaching Elder Whitesides'  "How To Mail Packages".  It has the address to Douala, which is where the mail comes. Whenever someone is coming our way, they will bring the mail - usually once a month.  So, I would plan a couple of months for your package to get here.

We went to dinner last night with the Elders and sat close to your son, Elder Johnson.  We had a good visit and saw him again at Church this morning.  He told me a few weeks ago at District Meeting, that at one point in his mission he felt like "throwing" in the towel.  The lesson was on "Enduring to the End" and how we could do it - especially when we "hit a wall".  He seemed upbeat and past his "go home" thoughts.  

After reading your email, we invited the 4 Bastos Elders to dinner. We also told them they could shower, since their water is so intermittent.  They were excited to come. Elder Whitesides will quietly take Elder Johnson in his office and talk with him and offer to give him a blessing.  I will let you know how it all goes.

We had a son come home early from a mission, so we understand your worries and will not let Elder Johnson leave tonight without some "strong" encouragement.

As for Pres. Cook, We try to be sooo positive about him, but we know that other missionaries have struggled with him, as well.  There have been a few "tense" moments, but we know he is called of God, so there must be much we are supposed to learn.

Sister Whitesides

Yaounde', Cameroon Africa