Mar 22, 2014

02-25-14 Much Needed Showers

Dear Sister Johnson,

We had a son come home early from his mission for no other reason than "I just don't want to do it anymore".  So, I know the worry that you are going through.

The Elders came over, and Elder Johnson and Elder Hunt arrived first.  So, we sent Elder Hunt to shower and Elder Whitesides took your son in his office and talked with him.  You would be glad to know that he gave you all the credit that he is still here.  He said that he sent an email home telling you that he was thinking of leaving his mission.  He was surprised that you didn't say, "Just come home".  Instead you encouraged him to stay, so he is still here.  So, I think that he is listening to you.  You are right when you say that Satan is working overtime on him.  He seems to be struggling with his testimony at this point.  Elder Whitesides ended by giving him a blessing.

We'll see him again on Tuesday morning, so I'll let you know our progress.  You will probably learn more tomorrow from his email home.

Sister Whitesides
Yaounde', Cameroon