Mar 22, 2014

03-03-14 “What’s Up Doc?”

I’ll start by answering questions: We did not get a new senior couple, in fact we won’t get one until, at best, April! So we have been stock-piled with enough money to last that period. At our apartments we have a water reserve (3 trash bins) that we fill whenever water comes on, and then use throughout the week. When water isn’t on we take bucket showers. A half a bucket for each person everyday. (much different from my 30-45 minute routine at home haha). I prefer Pointe-Noire to Cameroon. I’m in the rich sector so it’s less rough and tough. The people can be much more annoying in the Congo. Overall it just has a softer feel up here. I guess my heart will always rest in Congo!

Don’t worry too much about the money - I have sometime and can get by with what I have. 

Thanks for updating me on family matters, now I'll give you some cool stories. This week I was on splits the whole week, so I worked with Elder Hunt in my sector once. 

Tuesday - Hunt was sick and so we stayed at home the whole day while he recovered. I wish I did something cool, but I just listened to Jack Johnson eating tortillas and salsa, reading old Liahonas. 

Thursday - I got to ride on a moto; a motor cycle-taxi! I was with the zone leader and his investigator pulled up on his moto and offered a ride to his house. How could we say no? We also got caught in a massive thunderstorm. We walked home through roads and roads of mud. Its rainy season here so every night it rains hard and is accompanied by massive thunder and lightning storms. I’m talking "the-kind-we-used-to-watch-at-home-on-the-patio" BIG!  It’s a pretty awesome this time of year. 

How Many Can You Fit On a Moto Taxi?

Friday - we stayed up until 11pm listening to French rap/dance music, eating biscuits and gravy, in candle-light (power was out, again, nothing better to do)

Saturday - okay this is where the title of my email comes from. After a successful baptism we went to go visit one or two people. I bought a spaghetti-omelet sandwich and was enjoying it. Elder Hunt and I were discussing our most embarrassing moments on the mission when, PLUNCK! Into a gutter I fell, haha. My sandwich was ruined and my pride. A taxi full of women laughed as they drove past. It was a scene, I am sure. But I quickly jumped out of the gutter and insisted that I was fine. I had a cut on my wrist but I am a man! So for two hours we continued onward. At home I discover that somehow my pants and left sock were wet - not with sewage, but blood!  Removing my sock, I found a deep puncture on my shin! (Before I continue, this same thing happened in the Congo when I tripped over a parking sign almost 6 months ago.  By the end of my stay here I may no longer have a functioning left leg.) 

So, my role as life-guard Johnson was resurrected that night. I took a towel and filtered water washing it the best I could. I found some gauze, fabric and hydrogen-peroxide and bound it up. That night, my bed became like a hospital ward that might have been the best in Africa at the time. Today I walk with a slight limp but am fine. Just waiting for it to heal. 

Upon review I think that accident might have been an attempted answer to our prayers for a broken hip. haha.  Maybe I’ll change my prayers a bit!

In closing, the last of my news is hunt is leaving and I am getting an African companion!!  I will let you know how it goes in the coming weeks but Wednesday some things be changin' down here. 

I love all you guys and am grateful to be a part of this family. I am excited to hear of the developments in your lives this week. Best of luck in all you aspects of life - love y'all!

Love - Doctor ie. Elder Johnson

PS - look up the song "Ele Me Dit", it’s a French rap / dance song that I think you will like.