Mar 22, 2014

02-24-14 Simply Pending…..

End of another week, and this one went by faster than usual, and was also filled with a lot of fun relaxing experiences. Thanks for setting aside some money for me. Most needed things I can get here so no big worry on things like toilet paper or deodorant. But true a package might take a while to get here.  

I think the feeling of wanting to come home is simply a combination of a lot of things. Tell the missionaries at home that I would gladly exchange places with them for a bit - here everyone accepts the brochures but then in reality doesn’t care. In fact last week we found a brochure in the trash at the cyber cafe. I sometimes wish that people would reject us and chase us away instead.  haha.  Elder Russell sounds like a character. I'll start praying for a broken hip too, so I can get honorable discharge. : ) 

This week we got ready for the departure of the senior couple. We also celebrated the year mark of the district leader in our apartment. We ate burgers on Thursday at a little fast food joint by our house, which turned out to be a good bonding experience for us all. Then on Saturday night we went to a very high class restaurant with the Whitesides.  First time ever eating steak in Africa while listening to bats in the trees above! (sadly, probably the last) It was a nice meal and gesture from the couple. 

But that was not the end to our good meals. Apparently, after my interview with my mission president (Pres Cook), he informed the senior couple that he was concerned about me. Not too long after that they got an email from you! So last night we were invited over to take a shower (we don’t have water at our place) and eat a nice meal - score! 

Obviously there was an alternative motive for the invite. Elder Whitesides took me aside and we talked about what was going on. He related to me stories about himself and his son. Apparently his son left Sweden after 5 weeks. And Elder Whitesides didn’t serve a mission - so it was nice to have someone to relate to and get advice from. Thanks for emailing them and letting them know - heaven knows I wasn’t going to bring it up - so I’m glad you did :) In the end I left again with the choice in my head. And now I am simply waiting and meditating as to whether I will grow more here or at home. I’ve determined that most of the lessons you are suppose to learn on a mission I already learned - sacrifice, maturity, scriptural knowledge, service, compassion. Right now I think the decision to come home is simply pending. But while I’m serving, I’m working my hardest. If there is one thing that is good about missionary work, it’s that it gives you purpose in life!    

Give my best to the missionaries out there! I appreciate the work they are doing for my family and home ward. I don’t know what’s going on with you guys at home (day to day) but I wish you all the best in your endeavors! Keep being awesome - I love you all!