Feb 14, 2014

02-10-14 Broken Heart, Contrite Spirit, and Ripped Pants – What a Combination!

To answer the questions, the food is apparently the best thing ever in Cameroon, but I have yet to try any of it. Members usually don’t feed us unless it’s a special occasion. We get sodas and small stuff regularly but not constantly, because it’s not like America.  I have had to learn how to cook more. This is the first apartment where I’m the main chef.  My cooking is not the best in honesty but it gets us by. 

To explain the title of this email, I have a humorous story.  This week we were asked to give service.  A member wanted me and Elder Hunt to help him move (my first thought was, why the heck is every service opportunity in my life a church move?!) Being an expert in this field of work, we gladly accepted. I insisted to Elder Hunt that we go in shorts and t-shirts. But he wasn’t too keen on that idea - so ties and slacks it was. We arrived and it was the father, two members and us. The father had a friend who came with a big truck, but the guys driving the truck didn’t even help load or unload!  So with that as a back drop - I went head first into the work and got my clothes all dirty. In the first twenty minutes however, I bent down to lift up a couch, and in the process of bending.....RIP!!!  Right down the middle of my slacks. So for the rest of the 2 hours I worked with a massive hole in my pants.  I guess if I was going to lose a pair of pants - service wasn’t a bad way to lose them.

Working with Elder Hunt has been a good experience and we’re getting along fine. This week was a little slow in overall excitement.  Hopefully next week will be a little more exciting. We are meeting with our mission president this weekend, Sat – Mon.  So I’ll do emailing and such next Tuesday - just so you aren’t worried.

That was such a funny story about Kaleb sitting in the back of a cop car cuffed for 2 hours! Glad it was a mis-identification!  I think that’ll be an awesome story to tell your future family. I shared parts of it with my companion who thought it was interesting. Well, Kaleb, officially getting in more trouble with the law than any of us ever before. haha.  If you have to get a job - I suggest lifeguard. That’s probably what I’ll do as a summer job when I return.  But semi-pro skater wouldn’t be a bad dream to chase either - maybe it’ll be me living in your basement in a few years.  haha. Tell Gage that I saw the photos and think they are “sick”.  Reading that story definitely made me miss being in our family where literally anything can, and does, happen.