Feb 14, 2014

01-27-14 So Glad to Make it to Cameroon

Sorry I didn’t get to respond to your questions last week, like I said the internet in Africa was terrible. But this week I’ll be giving
you a full update. 

To begin with Elder Lundberg.  Me and him are still best buds in
honesty. He is my favorite companion and I think it is the same on his side. We simply had some tension between us for a while. He said some things about my life that I didn’t appreciate and on top of that, I was so bored with Africa that all of it upset me more. But in the end we worked things out and we are buds. I learned a lot from him. Mostly I learned that it’s okay to be relaxed about missionary work. It’s okay to just talk with investigators about their lives and their normal interests instead of just teach, teach, teach. I learned that being overly concerned about your salvation, is actually bad in large degrees. I think you all will be surprised at how much Lundberg helped me change for the better.

But now things have changed! I am in high class Africa!  Literally, we live in a neighborhood where the houses are bigger and nicer than our apartment. Cameroonians are rich. It’s extremely hilly as well.  The streets are as steep as the ones in San Francisco.  The weather is cooler, so good break from the Congo. I think I’m going to like it here.

My new companion is younger than me and I’m only his second companion (making me his "mom".) To explain, in missionary generations, the first companion is dad, second mom, and if you have the same first comp as another person you are their brother) His name is Elder Hunt. He comes from Utah and has been here for 4 transfers. Teaching with him is going to be a process - he likes to prove things with the bible, whereas I have learned that that usually never works. He still has that greenie fire in him and is super pumped to baptize. So in this relationship I’m the “squid ward” (Sponge Bob Reference). haha.  He is extremely scared to break rules and so I am going to try and mellow him out a bit. It seems like the Congo was full of black sheep missionaries, whereas, Yaounde is a bunch of straight laced missionaries! (I’ll let you know how my work goes with him though).

The missionary stories you guys are sending me sound absolutely
awesome.  I know I might not respond to them sometimes but I read them and am impressed and like to know about the awesome work over there. 

I definitely will try to play piano at the church if I ever get the
chance. I think that would help. I think I am ready to keep going to
the end, Africa can get boring, but I am learning to cope with it. If
you can tell everyone at home I read their emails (Nani’s, Dad’s, and Friends)

BTW - Me and a college friend serving in Brazil, have decided that in 2016 we are going to go to the Rio Olympics. Get passports and y'all are welcome to come along. :)