Feb 14, 2014

02-03-14 Marche Talk

Happy Birthday Mom!!!! I definitely didn’t forget, and it’s actually
written in my planner. I hope the celebration was/is going great.
Thanks for raising us and doing your very best. Looking back I now see how hard you really worked and see all the rewards of that effort.  Thanks for the advice on life - always appreciated. Love you bunches!

Update on Cameroon: the new sector is much different. First, the
elevation and hills in Yaounde are insane, I was running out of breath the first few days it was so crazy. Also Hunt, is turning out to be a super nice guy, but it’s an interesting companionship. He is much more “green” and still so innocent missionary-wise.  I’ve been trying to let him led as best I can, and for the most part he does a fine job. The French is a little rough but he is fearless in talking. I think it will take some time to iron out quirks but it will come!

The Cameroonian people are much less intense than Congo. They don’t yell racist comments, or shout vulgar things. They all live in extremely nice apartments (nice for America even). And as you predicted, less interested in religion. They all go to churches but the lack of real commitment is still there (at least with this
church). I’ve had some fun experiences already. One night I bought bananas. I bought $2 and the lady gave me the whole dish of bananas basically. Things here are cheap, cheap, cheap. I also spent all day in a Marche (market) and had some fun bartering!  I am dang good at negotiating - let me tell you!  I got everything at the prices I wanted. I AM ADDICTED TO MARCHE SHOPPING IN AFRICA haha.  Also I have learned how to make friends in the town. So now we have: Johnson (the hat seller), Monic (suit seller), Gee (egg roll seller), Chichi (bread guy), Blaze (2nd suit seller), and Christine (vegetable lady) who know us by name and give us sweet discounts!  Yeah Baby!  So that’s sort of an in-depth look at my last week in this country. It’s been a blast.

Lundberg, simply told me, very harshly, that I had no idea what it was like to live in difficulty, to have financial or family problems, and so I needed to be more compassionate to others. (he hadn’t pieced together my family life yet or my personal history)  So naturally, I got extremely upset and gave up on being even remotely buddies. But as I said, with time we worked it out and we ended as good friends and I wish him the best. :)  Even missionaries say things wrong sometimes – I’ve had plenty of those moments.

Kaleb! Give the new bishop a run for his money. There are some crazy questions people have, including missionaries, but every question has an answer in the Book of Mormon. So, have at it, but make sure you search the right books.  Let me know how it goes.

Maya! Future missionary!  I’m glad you liked hanging out with the sister missionaries - teaching is a blast - prepare well now for that future name tag.

I really hope the rest of y'all are doing well. Hopefully everything
is working together for you’re good!  I love you abundantly and wish the best this week.

PS - I think the sun is burning away some of my hair! NO!!!  Good thing there will be a resurrection and I can get my hair back.