Jan 19, 2014

12-09-13 We Are Still 19 Year Olds

It’s been a crazy week so far and there have been some fun stories to share.  So first off, thanks for responding about what’s happening in America!  All the missionaries here found that we’ve become more patriotic about our Country.  All the scriptures about America are marked in red, white, and blue. 
So - no transfers.  And that’s not a bad thing really. I love Elder Lundberg and so staying with him was my second choice.  So, all is well for me.  : )  I’m thinking that I’ll stay here for 2 more transfers until Lundberg goes home in March. Maybe after that I’ll move. My first choice was Gabon.  Gabon is a country that was just dedicated and missionaries finally got permission to enter the country and join the branch that has already been formed there.  Sadly that was not my lot and I’ll not be opening up a country.  Kinda bummed about that, but I’m sure I’ll get a chance to work there in the coming year. 
I baptized another person this week.  Chanelle, is a 19 year old girl who was extremely excited to be baptized. She was a contact from other elders a while ago.  She moved into our sector and then didn’t show any real interest.  But after she read the Book of Mormon for the first time something sparked in her and she prepared herself for baptism basically!

With all the work we have also had some fun.  For starters we have made a new game.  It’s basically close quarters combat soccer!  We clear out our living room, which is not too big and then set two dining room chairs on opposite walls. The goal is in between the two legs!  So it turns into a game of kicking each other's feet and ankles and getting lucky with shots. Our floors are made of tile so we have given ourselves blisters from sliding bare-foot on the tile!  Yup, we are still 19 year old boys.  Haha.  Also I have enhanced my sewing skills.  Last night I turned a pair of those blue kakis into a pair of perfectly slim shorts!  Hemmed properly and by my own hands!  Even in Africa you can have great fashion!