Jan 19, 2014

01-13-14 God Loves and Cares for Each of Us

I am really glad that you are all doing much better, especially Kaleb and Maya.  That’s good that they are all healed up from the tonsillectomies.  Except for Maya's knee!  I’m sorry that that happened.  I’ve heard it’s painful if it pops out of place.  What were you doing silly?  And how did you fix that?
Fun fact for Kaleb…there are these Canadian kids that skateboard at the church. Their parents are here for humanitarian service and so they need a place to hang out and skate, they chose the church basketball court!
For Ferious and Robert, as missionaries we always look for cool air-soft and paintball spots throughout the town.  There are some cool places we’ve seen before.  I’ve decided that going air-softing with you guys is something I’ll have to do more regularly.  I also remember the anime TV show that Ferious was getting into before I left.  I watched a few episodes with him and it was pretty funny.  Just over the top dramatic and epic haha.  As a side note, all of us missionaries love Adventure Time!!  and  The Regular Show!!  I’m glad I had siblings that liked those shows.  : ) 
Also, new Bishopric!  I think I know Bro. Carole who you’re talking about, the previous first counselor?  If so, he would be an awesome Bishop.  I remember hearing his testimony once before I left.
Don’t worry about sending stuff to me.  I think I’ll just buy shirts here soon.  They’re super cheap ($5) and I can get them in a slim cut so it might just be a win win if I do that!  Thanks for the thought, I appreciate it.
We definitely try and work with less actives here. They can be really hard to get to come back sometimes.  It seems like they go in cycles - month on, month off.  It’s kind of like baby-sitting for them here in Africa.  If you don’t stop by one week they don’t come to church, and if they don’t come to church it’s hard to fix appointments with them and then it just spirals downward.  Working with less active is something I should definitely be better at.  I think that now, I have baptized enough and am more willing to give it a rest for a bit and focus on current members.
Mom, that dream was crazy!  I am very surprised you had that dream. In fact, I read it twice just to make sure I read it right the first time.  These last few weeks it seems like things have been going a little south for me.  I've gotten extremely bored with the same sector and a little bit with Africa.  Plus, my companionship is not doing well.  There’s this stress management book at the apartment and I went through and did a self exam and basically – I’m way too stressed emotionally and spiritually. I am definitely not saying I’m asking for a plane ticket home,   but it’s interesting that you should have that dream the same time things seem to be falling apart for me.  Like I said, I’m still out here and will be for a while, but I think being a missionary in Africa is giving me a run for my money. haha.  I’ll keep you updated and continue to work my hardest out here for the next year!! (Note form Mom – I dreamt that I went to visit a city in Africa about 4 hours from Julius. He showed up at my hotel and said he was ready to go home because he missed listening to music.  I wasn’t disappointed but I was concerned that Julius would not be happy with his decision and I asked him to stay or serve another year in another country.  When I awoke I sat straight up and looked around because it felt so real!  When I typed my weekly email to Julius, I hesitated to type out the dream – I didn’t want to put thoughts in his mind that may not have been there, (power of suggestion).  But I felt such an overwhelming prompting to type the dream out in detail to him.  It just goes to show how Spiritual promptings work and that God is so aware of us and our needs, that He’ll use others to help us if He can.)   
Today we had a little adventure which was kind of exciting.  We went out to the African bush and romped around for the day.  

We followed an old slave trail along the beach and looked at old storage houses for slaves and the port from where they left.  It’s cool because along the trail there are mango trees everywhere.  The reason is because the slaves ate mangoes and then threw the seeds on the side of the trail.  There are also massive bamboo groves in the forests as well.  In fact, me and a few others took bamboo shoots and poll vaulted with them because they are so strong.  haha (I’ll try and get you a picture of me doing that) Today was a fun adventure in the village, sadly no monkeys.  It ended with lunch at a super nice hotel on the beach side.
From this adventure I think I learned something.  I remember talking about starting a rock-climbing company in America, but why not just take people on excursions throughout the World?  I think I’ll seriously consider that for my future!

For this week I think that’s all.  It’s been slow except for today, obviously.  I hope all is going well for you guys there: school, work, fun, and family life!  It sounds like when I get back we’ll need to find some serious adventures to spice things up a bit - for all of our sakes.  I love you guys bunches, thanks for all the support and prayers from across the oceans.