Jan 19, 2014

12-16-13 7 Months Down!

Just like you this week has been kind of boring for us. We have had some great lessons and such but just sort of work as normal. Lundberg and I ended the transfer with 103 lessons taught or so in total – so not too bad. As the year is coming to a close we are ready to start again with new investigators and new adventures.  But for now it’s same old same old.
President Cook came to town this weekend to hold a Branch Conference.  Just sustaining all the leaders and such.  And he also did some of our interviews.  My interview with him was good - we just talked about nothing for a bit.  Then he told me he wanted me to try and start getting up at 5:30am from now on because, we have to be in earlier than other missionaries.  Psh!  That is not likely to happen.  We already work extremely hard and are the highest baptizing mission in the world - I think we are earning all our blessings.  As always, president and I remain distant friends.  For once in my life I am the black sheep. haha. (Note from Mom – Its comments like this that make me realize that, although Julius is a much better 19 year old than I was, he is still 19 and pride is still something to be work on.)  
So for Christmas Skyping….We talked with the couple and we’re trying to make a plan.  Either we will Skype Christmas Eve (night here) so it will be Christmas Eve (morning there), or we Skype on Christmas day (night here) so Christmas day (morning there).  It’s up to you to tell me what time will work best for you and we will try and Skype then.  So in your next email I need to know when you want to do it.  Also I need your Skype account information so we can friend you from here.  So to recap - pick a time when you want to try and Skype and send me you information so we can set it up next Monday and Skype middle of the week.  Hopefully that is a little clear but we will definitely be talking on Christmas which I am excited for!   
As you all are getting ready for Christmas, I wanted to let you know I love you all - everyone.  Being in Africa definitely shows me just how much I enjoy being in this specific family.  There’s not another like it in the world, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So Mother, you’re right again, I certainly chose this family in the pre-existence.  I love you guys bunches and can’t wait to talk to you soon.  Have a fantastic week and I will try to think of some good things to tell you over Skype!

Love you,
Elder Julius Johnson

P.S. - Thanks for the pdf files I asked for mom. Love ya!