Jan 19, 2014

12-18-13 Note From the New Senior Couple

What a privilege and pleasure it is for us to write to you.  You have a right to be so pleased with your missionary.  He is a great young man.  He always appears to be happy and smiles easily and knows what he is about. He is the one who can tell us how to get where ever we need to go in this city.  He brings good thoughts and cheer to us all.  He is very obedient and respectful.  His testimony is strong and he is always willing.  This is a group of elders "above the notch".  They all seem to be healthy.  I checked his apartment today and he passed the cleanness test!  He seems to take good care of his person and his clothes.  He never misses an opportunity to share the gospel with the great people of this land.  It is a crazy place but Pointe Noire is more secure than the center of the mission.  They all get along well--and have a sense of humor—an essential in this mission. Merry Christmas to you all.  We will have the elders for Christmas Dinner and they will Skype with you.  We assume all of that is set up.  We go back to the DRCongo in January and a new couple comes.  We were here just as an interim between couples.  We will miss them all.  We hope to meet the families of "our elders" one of these days. Thanks for teaching him correct principles.  It shows!

With love,
Elder and Sister Bybee