Jan 19, 2014

12-30-13 The First Joel (Noel)?

It was super awesome to get to talk with you this week on Skype!  I know I was a little awkward but that’s only because I forgot how to talk with Americans.  Honestly conversations in Africa go something like this -
"How are you?"... "That’s good.  How’s your health?"... "It sure is hot today!  haha!"..."But really...how the heck are you?"..."Well I’m happy you’re good."
So you can see how it might be a little hard to hold a real conversation!  But I was super happy to see all of you and know that all is well for you there.  Someone asked me on Christmas if it has been hot here, and this week has been no exception.  Every day of the week has been blisteringly hot!  Simply sweating all day and night. And the only relief we got was sprinkling this morning. 
But despite the heat we had a baptism with an older man - Joel!  We didn’t even teach him one lesson!.....Now before you think I am just baptizing anyone out here, he came from Brazzaville and had been studying with missionaries for 6 months or so already.  He simply moved here and wanted to be baptized.  I got to do the ordinance for him and now I’m getting pretty good at plunging someone in water.  : )  Joel is an awesome guy who will be a great strength to the branch.  What a great present for him on the week of NOEL.
We will be going to the wild life reserve this next week so I won’t be emailing next week if everything goes well. This next paragraph will have things that are funny but not really relevant to missionary work.  We cleaned our apartment today and found a dead little gecko!  Not sure where it was but yeah...always check for dead animals when you clean in Africa.  Also we have mice in our apartment and we found there hiding place!!  Its under an old wardrobe on our patio.  We kept finding the baby mice but not the mom or dad.  So now the war is on!!  When we find babies, we scoop them up in a dust pan and launch them from our balcony into puddles on the road.  We have done this twice now, but the keep reproducing!  It’s a fierce battle.  I’ll keep you updated!

Well, happy new year to all!  I hope you have some fun partying to start off the New Year on a good foot. Hopefully you got my pictures?!