Jan 21, 2014

01-20-14 I'm Going to Another Country!!

I had some trouble getting into my LDS email account, so this week I’m just sending a short message from this account.  The week has been slow. We don’t have any more baptismal candidates so teaching has been with some less progressed investigators. But this week ended well for a few reasons. 
First, and least important, I bought some cool hats and have built up my collection of hats! Here you can buy some sweet ones for $1.  So I have been keeping my eyes peeled for good ones.
Two, and more importantly, I got a transfer letter today and I AM GOING TO CAMEROON!!! I’ll be in Yaounde working with a younger missionary, Elder Hunt!!  I am so excited to go live in another country. The Congo has been awesome, and I love the people I have met. They are really great people! But for the sanity of my companion, me, and everyone else, I need to change up my location. This Thursday, I’ll take a plane to Cameroon, and from there I’ll be on a bus for a day to Yaounde. All I have to wait for is my passport to get back from Brazzaville, where I am getting Visas and such. Anyway, that is the most exciting news I have for the week - and it’s pretty epic!
PS - I just got a post card from Cassie that was sent before we broke up. All of us were laughing.  : )

Good Bye to the Congo - Point Noire