Dec 5, 2013

12-02-13 Scripture Power Does Not Substitute for Electrical Power

Hey  Y’all

So I’m trying to type this on a French keyboard so it’s pretty rough.  This one might be a little shorter.  As the title suggests we have been living African this week.  About a week ago we got an electrical bill from a drunk guardian for our landlord.  Thinking they were trying to scam us (which happens) we didn’t pay it. Well, turns out the drunk guy was serious, and our power got cut this week on Wednesday.  This year Thanksgiving included some humble pie.  haha.   Also the new senior couple was out of town and so they couldn’t help us fix the problem; and I have yet to mention that we had money problems this week and were running out of money for a lot of things!  So all in all, we haven’t had power for the week which means bucket showers, fanless nights, and no water.  But overall the problem is fixed and we all had some good laughs (and also really good scares as it’s pitch black in our apartment).

With that as a backdrop it is crazy that we had a normal week of work. We had another baptism this week.  It was for a young man named Elios.  He was a contact from other missionaries in Pointe Noire, but he is solid. We taught him at his work, which is an old garage with a bunch of grease monkeys.  Usually during our lessons there are 3 or 4 other people joining with us.  Elios has already introduced us to his friend who has agreed to baptism in January!  The work continues to move along!
For thanksgiving we just played basketball again, I love basketball now but I’m still dying to learn how to play soccer like a boss!  Maybe in the coming year.  And then we just bought a bunch of food and had a fun hangout with the zone.  This week President Cook, is coming, so the parties just keep going on and on, haha.  As for transfers, I’ll know next Monday before I email. I have been in the same place for 6 months so everyone thinks I’m out of here.  Part of me wants to leave but part of me feels/hopes I haven’t finished my time in Congo.  But wherever the Lord wants me will be fine by me :)

I hope that’s all your questions answered, if not sorry but there is always next week and the week after. In fact there is a lot of time.  Also, is it true that Michigan went bankrupt?  An African told me that on Saturday and I don’t know.  Let me know how life goes for you all there and I’ll do my best to let you know how I am doing down here.

Love you all,
Elder Johnson