Jul 19, 2014

07-14-14 Followed this prompting!

Douala is a blast, it’s a much more developed city. And when I say city, I mean city. Think of Vegas but replace all the casinos with random shops. It’s the rainy season right now so every morning its freezing and then the sun comes out at about 2. The new companion is fun. He’s still new - Only 4 months in. And he's my twin - looks just like me apparently. So far we are getting along fine. It's true that there are a lot more Africans with us now. I think with the mission split they added some in so the mission wasn’t completely void. This is my first apartment with no Africans (also first non-African companion in like 3 transfers, we have a Malagash with us but we don’t count him as African). Our new mission president is coming to visit Thursday and so that will be exciting. Apparently he is a little scared to work with Americans. 

This week was the slowest and toughest week of my life. New responsibilities as a leader and a new sector just wiped me out, but it'll start going faster. I held my first district meeting Wednesday - went well. No mutany. haha. Also did a bunch of contacting, which in this mission means you literally have no one to teach. Coolest thing though is whenever we contacted, we set a goal of 1 on the fly lesson for every hour. So basically do an on the spot lesson. One day I said to Elder West, "2 hours, 2 lessons, that’s our goal." Started walking, met someone 10 minutes later who accepted a visit and after that lesson, his brother came home who is already meeting with us and accepted a visit. 2 lessons, 2 hours!

But that's not even the coolest experience this week. Here is the story that gave way for the title. I’m just going to quote what I wrote in my journal:

"12 July, 2014. Another hour of contacting today and so our goal was 1 lesson - 1 hour.  Walking into a neighborhood I don’t know so we decide to go down a small road. (easily miss able) Turns out a member lives there. Stop and say Hi to the son but keep walking. Pass the neighbor's house and all of a sudden I feel like we need to knock the door. Pivot immediately and knock. Michelle answers. And I feel impressed to do a lesson. Then feel impressed to just jump into apostasy and Joseph Smith. (You should know that apostasy and Joseph Smith are the 5 and 6 points of the first lesson.) Jumping the first half of the lesson is a 'no-no' for some missionaries) Spirit was there and I think it excited him. He mentions two things, 

1 - jehovah witnesses gave him a brochure that talked about Joseph Smith (umm...weird)
2 - His neighbors visited his family last week. 

Cool so we leave the lesson and notice a missed call from earlier in the day from Yémin. Yémin is surprisingly a member on that street. Great! Let's just see what he wants. Knock, Knock! 

'Hey, brother Yémin what did you want us for?'.
'Hey Elders, just wanted to get you in touch with my neighbor. We gave him a brochure and visited his family earlier this week!'
'Aww! You're the “JW's” who gave him the brochure! Not JW’s at all in fact. We just did a lesson with him without knowing that you wanted us to meet him!" 

THE SPIRIT TOTALLY LED US TO HIM!! It's called inspiration. :)"

Well hope the story is inspiring and makes sense! Keep following the whisperings of the spirit and you'll see miracles like this one. Now I have proof, I really did learn my lesson from Daniel's story. 


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