Jul 12, 2014

06-30-14 Walking Dead

The weeks are going by so fast!  Next Monday is transfer letter day - which means possible changes for me.  Think about it like this - I was in Congo for 5 transfers and now I've done 4 in Cameroon. I think/hope that I’ll be moving cities soon.  But I'll let you know next week if there are changes.
So this week there was a special Holiday - Half Christmas!  June 25. Kinda scary thought that there are only 6 more months until Christmas, but we celebrated in the most appropriate way we knew how.  Spaghetti, snickers, candy, gummy worms, Syrup, and Coke! We just copied the movie Elf the best we could and had a blast (I'll post pictures on face book). Surprisingly, mixing all that doesn’t taste that good. haha. But I've decided new tradition for me!
I had another very distinct prompting this week - and I’m happy to report that I acted on it immediately!  We were teaching an Anglo-phone member (English speaker) Patrick when the thought of another member came to my mind, Armstrong. I realized that I hadn’t seen Armstrong at church for months. So I asked the member if he knew about Armstrong's where-abouts and then called Armstrong right there on the spot. The next day we set up a meeting and I learned that Armstrong was offended at church and doesn’t want to come anymore. Sad, but luckily it’s a pretty recent thing so we can fix it before it becomes too problematic.
Now to explain the title of the email. Last night we had a massive zone sleep over because today we played b-ball together. And when you get 10 elders together things go down! We celebrated, "year marks" for 2 missionaries, and "year mark” for another and myself. Meaning 6 tubs of ice-cream, brownies, and soda.  After the bouffant was finished, we played zombies. Lights off - capture the flag. Window drapes drawn. And zombies that can infect you if your tagged. Ohh yeah, a flash light and toilet paper ammunition for humans to stun zombies! BEST NIGHT EVER! Some couches may have been thrown at people, or heads stepped on but that is a small price to pay in a zombie war. haha. Last night we just lined up 7 mattresses on the balcony and crashed. This morning we played b-ball (I twisted my knee, but am okay) and later had a massive breakfast of French toast and ice cream. Give it a week and then we'll do it all over again!
Our mission is splitting tomorrow, that means officially I will be under President Mongua in the Brazzaville Congo mission. Fun stuff. Those are the highlights of this week. Also Ntambwe had a sick day, which meant sit and meditate day for me, ugghh...but I kinda had a "mental freak out" because I realized I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I don’t know what I want to study, what school I want to go to or how I want to use my time. So this week I realized I need to make some more solid plans for going home.

I hope summer vacation is going well for you. Fourth of July is Friday!! You need to do something soooo fun. We are going to go eat pepper steak! Let me know of the fun things you do. Way to go Ferious on meeting with the bishop, you'll have to scoop out the young single adults for me in the ward and let me know what I'll be coming back to. haha. I love you guys bunches and hope you have a blast and stay safe (especially from those zombies).