Jul 12, 2014

07/05/14 A New Chapter

I'M IN DOUALA, CAMEROON!!!! AND I'M A DISTRICT LEADER!!! So yes, transfer letters came this week. We got told Saturday morning and left Sunday right after church. 4 hours on a bus and now I’m here. Douala seems much more organized and developed than Yaoundé, which is surprising because Yaoundé is the capital. It's a very nice city that I’m happy to work in.  So far it’s been grey skies and rain. I'll be working with Elder West who is newer to the mission (4th transfer), and like I added I'll be a district leader. Honestly it feels nice to change up a bit, and I think I’m ready to get down to work. Looking back I think Yaoundé was a black spot on my mission, so I think the change was needed - I'll let you know how it all goes. 

It's also crazy how fast it’s all going. 14 months down, 10 to go. This week there weren’t too many stories in honesty. Just kinda working as usual. 

So Maya is right, I should not post pics to facebook myself. So, what I'll start doing is I'll send them to you with fun captions from my email and then I ask Maya be in charge of posting them and managing friend acceptances and such. 

Well with the new chapter of the mission, I’m hoping to send you home some sweet stories.  Ohh yeah, 4th of July, we went out to a nice restaurant (?) and had peppered steak and fries - dang good! Also me and another missionary wore American flag sun glasses all day, and we sang the National Anthem alot!  haha 

 Fun Train Crossing Sign

 Moto Taxi Bumper Sticker.  Love it!

 Walking to an appt. 

 Ntambwe and I

 Tile pattern Walkway