Jul 12, 2014

07-13-14 Note from Last Senior Couple in Yaoundé

Dear Johnson family:
As you know, our mission has just been divided and Elder Johnson is not in our mission now.  We just wanted to email you and thank you for such a wonderful son.  It was very difficult to say goodbye to these good Elders that we have grown to love and call them “our missionaries”.  But we have a special place in our heart for Elder Johnson.  We started this adventure together and I have watched him grow so much just in one year.  You would be so proud of him.  He knows his French and teaches with such boldness.  We are honored to have served with him.  I love to sit and talk with Elder Johnson he has the best stories.  I have seen his faith grow during his mission and has helped my faith to grow also.  When my boys were on their missions I always wanted to be a fly on the wall  and see them in action on their missions.  And I kind of had that experience with your son.  He is strong in his testimony and loves the work.  What more could we ask for?  Unlike my African Elders, I probably will see the Americans again but for the 30 some African Elders I won’t see them again in this life.  We lost 64 missionaries and only gained 26 from a city called Kinanga in central DRCongo that was added to our mission from the Lumbabushi mission.  We don't have any more American missionaries and only have native African missionaries.  We will only be traveling in the DRC now so that will be a little less stressful as far as the crazy traveling schedule we use to have.  But I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for raising such a great son.  We love him 

Love Sister Karol Cook  Kinshasa DRC Mission