Jul 12, 2014

06-23-14 It’s a "maize" ing

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYA!! I marked the day in my planner this week but forgot to tell you last week - man, 14 years old!  That's crazy, well hope it was fun, love ya!  Also I got your movie quotes and scriptures, not too bad. Thanks for the encouragement.
The news about Kaleb is super uplifting! That’s awesome that you (Kaleb) are getting over a bad habit. I’m proud of you :)  Keep up the good work because it’s well worth it. Also, I’ve planned to pick up long-boarding when I get home, even though it’s not your exact sport, it's close to skateboarding. In advance, Senior year is coming up - that's the Funnest year of all.  What college you going to?
It's surprising that Robert found all those family records on Ancestory.com. What will you guys do with all of them? And are you still getting names ready for the temple?
The title of the email is based on the fact that the corn harvest is going on here. So there are these Mamas all over the roads selling corn on the cob. They just set up their barbeque grills everywhere and start cooking. Surprisingly the corn becomes a subject of snide comments. Normally like, "White, ohh the white man eats corn, eh? They don’t have this where you’re from"!  So yeah, Cameroon is "a maize ing".  Haha
Luckily this week I had a chance to apologize to the man I insulted.  So I did, and he just smiled and said he understood that I am still young and hot tempered. I’m learning though.
This week not too much news. Hmm, at church a mother was adamant that we bless her 7 year old son to be more obedient. I think she was thinking like an excerscism?  She said her son needed obedience and have wisdom…...and health. (apparently in our 10 minutes of talking he became sick) So my companion just gives him a blessing but leaves out wisdom. As soon as the prayer ends, the mom says, "Uhh, I wanted you to give him wisdom!!" That made me smile.
Saturday we had our last meeting with President Cook, so now the mission will split in 9 days. That was fun, one last time for us to butt heads. He's an awesome dude and it was good serving with him.
Anyhow, that’s all folks! I'll talk to you next week and hopefully have some awesome stories. Maybe I'll send you a copy of my bucket list I’m writing?