Aug 26, 2014

07-21-14 Never Thought I’d be an Immigrant

This week felt so long and the work is kind of slow. It's just a new sector and we’re trying to find quality Amis (People in French). So that takes some digging - but we've got 3 or 4 serious amis we’re working with. District Leader duties are keeping us busy as well.


This week, to celebrate my 14th month mark I spent the morning in the immigration office!  My 6 month Cameroon visa expires today so I needed to get a "Carte de ces Jours", (Cameroon’s version of a green card). It was raining super hard and the court yard of the office was flooded. More problematic was that the office we needed wasn’t by the entrance. So Elder West and I went "tomb-raider" "uncharted" status and climbed on the ledge of a building and advanced towards the office. At one point we jumped from ledge to ledge and made it into the office without getting wet!  Did I mention the whole Cameroonian police department was watching us?  Surely they were intimidated. haha.  Then began the fun when I had to figure out the whole immigration system of Cameroon. Some sassy police officer was giving me trouble - so I did what I've learned to do best - fight sass with sass!  Three hours later I had my green card. At one point the police officer gave what I think was a compliment, "This American speaks French really well, but he keeps bugging me.". So now I’m legal until 2025.


Also you know how in every city I've critically wounded myself (flashback: congo - parking sign, Youande - sewer ditch) well I got close again. I hulk stomped a wooden board covering a sewer ditch. No injury though!  Just really funny and embarrassing. Also I broke up a girl fight, they were only 7 but if we do a standard conversion that's like a 14 year old American. haha :)


Met our new mission president! He's nice but obviously scared to work with us Americans. Also crazy thing he told us - we can watch Disney movies in French on Mondays!!! Straight from his mouth - no joke. So yeah, nice guy.


On Wednesday I bought a ream of white paper. So I’m currently making a risk board for us to play, but more importantly, we started a paper airplane contests! We live on the third floor of the building facing the street. So every night we build our planes and launch them across the street. Our goal is the roof of the adjacent building. haha. Elder Bacera has gotten the furthest thus far. Funniest thing ever - and if any fall in our buildings barriers we pick them up. Responsible and fun!


That's all the news and stories from the week. Not much is changing and we’re trying to kick start the sector. West and I are having a blast. Ohh. I started family history. Idk about America but in Africa they created a small booklet called "My Family". It’s basically a pedigree chart but put into a new interesting form. So I started it and have been filling it in. In fact I’m going onto after to get some info. So please, if you have info about the family, feel free to send it to me :) But I can now definitely testify about family history work with you guys. It’s so exciting and increases your love for your family! Keep up the work on that home front and see if you can get some of those booklets from the missionaries.


PS – I’m turning 20 next month!