Aug 26, 2014

08-25-14 One week, Two week, Fun week, Boring week

Some weeks on a mission are exciting. Some are long and tiring. Some go fast. And some are extremely boring! This week was possibly one of the most boring weeks of the mission. Nothing wrong with that, it’s all part of the work but just nothing of note to report on. We were all thrown off with the crazy Monday schedule maybe. We still had a lot of work to do and had some good teaching appointments.

We have a baptism coming up this week. His name is Emerique and he has been studying with the missionaries for about 8 months. It’s always exciting to baptize people that have been stuck in an “ami” stage for a long time. Teaching him is interesting, obviously I’m a bold teacher (like telling people to their faces that this is the only true church) and Emerique has a lot of questions and doubts. So usually he doesn’t like things I say at first, but he always goes and prays and studies it out, and later all is well. But despite all that, we are still really good friends. That’s one of the funniest parts of teaching – becoming friends with people who actually care about the message. Then it just becomes fun to visit them. Well, if all goes well we will have a baptism Saturday. Also it’ll be Elder West’s first baptism in the field, so also extra special for him.

So this week it seems like home life was more exciting for y’all. I was really surprised to hear about Kaleb’s choice to graduate early. That’s awesome, and that sounds like it’ll be good for you. Make sure to talk to the counselors to get it all finalized. It’s crazy but if you’re graduating early that means you only have 4 more months of high school!  In mission time, that’s super fast. Well, best of luck this year Kaleb!

Seminary sounds like it’ll be a blast for Maya. Docterine and Covenants is a fun year. I definitely wish I could remember all the church history we talked about. That knowledge is always really good to have on hand. Like Elder Walker said in conference, if everyone knew the history of the church and the story of the pioneers, members would be extra strong in the Gospel. As for the French class, I’m so pumped to talk to you in French! I’ve joked with the other missionaries that you’re going to be my French buddy when I get home. haha. Fun fact about French is that we steal a lot of English words from it. So if you’re like missionaries, your mind will be blown when you make those connections. Study hard this year, its super fun being able to speak another language.

A general authority (a seventy) is coming to visit us in two weeks, Elder Hamilton. So that’ll be exciting to meet him.