Aug 26, 2014

08-04-14 "Well I Don’t Swim Man!" - Ming, The District 2

To start I’ll answer your questions.  As for the Ebola breakout, I’ve heard nothing. In Cameroon the only big news are the terrorist’s attacks in Nigeria –Boko Haram. But I’ll keep my eye out; I mean I’d like to be coming home in 9 months as opposed to dying out here.  As for the sacrament bread situation, it’s not that big of a deal, some missionaries said they ate it in their wards back home, but it’s still wrong. After the bread has been blessed it’s become something sacred or sanctified, and it serves a purpose to purify spiritually.  To eat the bread, after it’s been blessed, as a snack, destroys the significance of a sacrament.  Kinda like how we don’t talk about temple ordinances outside the temple – it’s sacred and needs to be treated as such.

As for home life, I’m sure girl’s camp will be a blast for the girls. I’m bummed I’m going to miss the week long after camp, of singing of girl camp songs around the house.  Senior year for Kaleb! Best year of school ever. Dude that means you have to apply for college this winter. Where and what are you thinking about studying? We could always hit up BYU together!

My birthday is in 7 days!  Kinda freaky, I’ll no longer be a teenager!  Well I’ll let you know how I celebrate. Gabbie’s is on the 15th as well, everyone is getting old haha.

This week in the mission field. West and I just kicked butt. I think both of us were kind of down on how hard of a week we had, so we decided to change that. I instituted what I call “sit-down lessons”, which means doing an on the spot lesson if people have time. Basically instead of giving out brochures we get into the houses and teach. At first West didn’t like this method – made him feel like a Temoins (Jehovah witnesses). But it worked so well!  20 lessons and 14 new investigators!  This week we want to break 20, and week after we’ll try and break personal records - 30 lessons.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

During our sit-downs we found 2 sweet families. One turned out to not be too interested, as we learned yesterday. But the other is awesome too. The craziest part is that their daughter is visiting from London with her children and they already know the church. They visited the temple over there and have read The Book of Mormon. They will be coming to church this week and who knows from there!

This week, we also ushered for a fancy conference the church put on. The church apparently wants local leaders to find humanitarian work in their own countries and unite with the leaders to fix the problem. So the Cameroonian Public Affairs Representative decided to join the cause of eliminating plastic waste in Cameroon. Saturday the church held a conference with some local leaders and explained the problem. It was fun to usher and just hang around with other missionaries– now don’t get your imagination going too much!  It’s not like the president of Cameroon was there or military generals. Just upper middle class people. The actual presentation was kind of a snooze fest.

In all honesty that’s all we did this week worth noting. The work is going well, just always teaching which is fun and makes the time go faster. Ohh also, our water heater broke so West and I lost a day of teaching because we had to stay home and get it fixed.

PS.  The title of the email is a super funny quote from the missionary training videos. Me and Bacera have been quoting them all week.