Mar 1, 2015

12/22/14 Syping Soon

 So life is just continuing out here as well, nothing too different from the last email I sent. To arrange some schedules. We’ll be skyping on Christmas and I will be on at 5pm Cameroon time which means 9am for you. I figure that gives everyone enough time to get up, open presents and be alert for skyping haha. I think that the couple will send you the skype account info so you can add them on your contacts. But nonetheless, 9am!

As well the couple will be home December 28th until January 8th (not sure when they get back). Their youngest daughter had her first children and so they wanted to be there to support her. We will be all alone while they’re gone. But that's ok, we’re big boys!  

As I will be talking with you all in three days, today's email will just be pictures. But a picture is worth a thousand words, so sorry the email is so long haha.