Mar 1, 2015

02/09/15 Just Mandefu

The news about the Book of Mormon, is probably the best thing that I’ve heard all week! That’s awesome that you guys are trying to finish the book of Mormon before I get home – I’m actually working on the same thing out here. So it’ll be perfect, our next read through will be a as a family! The Book of Mormon is  definitely a powerful book and I always feel the spirit when I read it, so I hope you feel the same. To get you even more pumped to read the book, I suggest you go watch a talk given by John Bytheway titled “Heros of the book of Mormon”. I’m sure you can find it on youtube, it’ll get you even more excited and pumped to finish the book! Best of luck on the endeavor.
So with my new sector, I’m still with the same senior couple – the Colemans.  All because I’m still in the same city, just another branch and new area.  As for the work it’s been HARD!  We’re doing what is termed a “white-wash”. That means that both elders are new and don’t know anything about the area. Luckily it’s a smaller area, so it’s less likely that we get lost. Because we are both new, we have been working really hard to meet as many people as possible before this week started. It’s been good fun though, we’ve met some people who are awesome and others who are just there. But I’ll keep you updated on how that progresses. The new companion is whatev’s. Not really leaving any serious impressions on me. I really wanted to finish with an American but it looks like that won’t be the case. His name is Madefu and he is from the same village as some other missionaries out here. Strangely all the missionaries from this village are similar in their loudness, reasoning, speech, and obedience. The branch is better than what I left, but it’s a branch which means it’s got some work to do. Yesterday, church went over by 30 minutes. Just people going on and on with these long sermons. Well we have one person who is preparing for baptism soon, like I said I’ll let you guys know.
Cool experience from the week came yesterday, we had been at church (which is kinda frustrating, if you haven’t gotten the hint yet) and then went to teach this guy named Lobé. Lesson starts good and I’m thinking that we would have a sweet rendez-vous. Well this guy and his friend just start mocking everything we taught and are acting stupid. Times like that just upset me for the rest of the day. Our lesson was on prayer and how God answers prayers, to which they laughed. Well the day ended later, having been a stressful one. While making dinner – power goes out! And sometimes the power can stay out for the night. Well dinner paused and I flopped onto a foam mattress in the living room – at this point I was just ready to go to bed. Ohh, did I add it’s the hot season so even at night it’s hot – and no power means no fans or air-conditioning. Flopped on the mattress, I said a prayer that went something like this “Heavenly Father, it’s been a really long and stressful day. Could you please just give us power this night, so we can make dinner and rest from the long work of week we’ve had? In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” And as soon as I said amen, the power came back on! Absolutely incredible. Proof from the lesson I taught 4 hours earlier that day – God hears and answers prayers. Another tender mercy of the Lord.
Well thanks for trying to take care of all that BYU mess over there. I went on today and got my ecclesiastical letter form ready and sent it to my mission president today as well. I guess we got to get serious about preparing for back to school already. Well do whatever you can reasonably do now and I’ll come home and take care of the rest. Thank you for all the financial support on dealing with this!
Hope that this week is exciting and enjoyable.