Mar 1, 2015

12/12/14 Bonjour, nous sommes missionnaires pour l'église de Jésus-Christ des saints des derniers jours

So I flipped through my agenda, and sadly nothing exciting happened this week. Unless you want to state the obvious and say "every day as a missionary is exciting." True. In which case I had a very exciting week. But nothing out of the ordinary. The work has been alright, we sadly lost the majority of our amis. It got to the point where we had given them more than enough time to react and nothing - so we move on. And moving on means contacting!  Ohh how I love contacting.
Tuesday started with what might be a personal record of 5 hours of contacting. The good thing about dropping lame amis is all the amis that are left are serious and golden. So we had two lessons that were awesome and then started walking around for the rest of the day. Contacting the "American way" - door to door. This pattern of work is what we did ALL week. Teach a few lessons, knock doors. Hence the title of this email, I got really good at saying that phrase.
There is one really cool thing about contacting. It's getting to be guided by the spirit directly to people that are "prepared" as we like to say. For example, we were contacting in a mainly Muslim neighborhood. Our sector is really small and I've already hit up all the This week it's like we are serving in Saudi Arabia" haha.
Walking around after 3 minutes it was apparent that no one would be accepting our brochures - so praying that God would give us someone to talk to - we continued to walk aimlessly through the neighborhood until we passed a little shop and a Nigerian man shouted after us. Turns out Stanley (the Nigerian) knows the church and his brother served a mission in Ghana!
Another person is Samuel. In this same Muslim neighborhood, there is a really nice apartment building and it has Christmas decorations on the patios of some apartments. I felt like it would be fun to go contact it, so we entered the gate and talked with the guard (Samuel). Turns out no one was home, but he accepted the brochure! Even better, he read it all after we left and we had a good lesson with him yesterday. Stories like this go on and on. Proof that we are inspired by the spirit when we do missionary work!
I'll let you know what happens with all these new amis we’re finding. But for the moment we'll just keep on trucking along. Like you noted, these last months are going too fast. Hope you have a good week at work and school. I love ya guys!