Mar 1, 2015

02/23/15 Working Hard for the Last 9 Weeks of 2 Years

 Sorry I didn’t get a chance to send an email to y’all last week – no internet! Well that happens sometimes but, I’m perfectly fine health-wise!  It’s good that the siblings are doing well and having fun together – like you said I’m excited to join in when I get back.
The work out here has been very good. After the first week of “white-washing” we have mastered the sector and met the majority of the amis. In fact, last week we had almost a perfect week of rendez-vous! That means pretty much everyone who fixed a rendez-vous with us kept it – which has been nice. We are currently teaching this little family. The dad is a member but the others aren’t. So we are teaching his four little boys. Wellingstone, Christian, Edward, and Godlove. They are 15, 13, 11, and 9 years old. It reminds me of when we were taught by the missionaries just that now I’m on the other side : )  They’re planning to be baptized on the 21st of March. We have some other amis that are preparing for baptism, but we need to iron out some problems.
The biggest problem we have been facing with amis AND members is personal scripture study. NO ONE is reading the Book of Mormon. Our amis just don’t really care for it and were never taught the purpose of reading it. Obviously someone can’t be baptized if they aren’t reading this book because how can they say “I know Joseph Smith is a prophet and this church is true” when they have never read the proof that holds it all together? It’s like someone who can say “1-2= -1” but doesn’t really understand why that’s the case. (They are just repeating what the teacher told them). So with that I’ll take some time to congratulate you and encourage. Good job on reading the Book of Mormon - Ferious and Maya and Mom and Robert and I hope Gabbie, Drew, and Kaleb! I’m proud of you for taking the initiative to do so and I know your testimonies of the Savior will grow. Now if you ever stop reading this book or become weak in your engagement I invite you to reengage to read it! I’ve noticed that everyone who I’ve met on my mission, who has some struggles with the church or worthiness or inactivity, has one thing in common –they stop reading the Book of Mormon. So keep up the reading :)
Some things in this mission have changed since I last emailed you. First we are now getting up at 5:30 and going to bed at 9:30. So our days are super fast paced because once we get home we have to make dinner and eat and then it’s bed time. As well we have a new rule on emailing. Only 1 hour as opposed to 2 and we are no longer to write ANYONE OTHER THAN OUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY! That was a really unpopular rule at first haha. But gotta be obedient. So my emails might get shorter and let anyone know that if I’m not responding it’s because now I literally can’t!
Also about BYU, So I went onto the site and learned that my Ecclesiastical Endorsement was expired, which could’ve blocked a lot of things in the registration process. I emailed my mission president and he took care of it – so now I have an endorsement and hopefully that is all taken care of. As long as I can register for classes then it’s all good :) I love all you guys bunches! I’ve started caring around a photo of all the siblings in my scriptures and everyone we teach loves seeing our family haha. Although I’ll say we need to take a new family photo when I get home because in the one I have, I look like a little baby haha. Well. have a fantastic week. And be safe – remember Kaleb, you gotta stay alive at least until your graduation so I can see you get the diploma. So no more car accidents. I love all you guys.=
Ps – Please keep the blog updated for the LAST 9 WEEKS!

Our zone right before Elder Colindres left.

My poor shoes - they should be thrust down to "heel" haha.
 My new sector
 A cool tree. 
 Banana leaves
 And a cool abandoned house by the river.
 So walking around we found a sign on a house that read "neighborhood of Johnson". Who knew I had my own neighborhood out here!
A really nice family that I left in the other sector.