Mar 1, 2015

02/02/15 Grandpa Johnson

This has been another week of work – nothing too incredible. But I do have news! I got transferred again – WOOOOOHOOOOO. Although I have been more than happy to work with the members in this branch, change is always good. Especially after having walked the same streets for 8 months day in and day out. So I’ll be moving to Bonaberi, the side of the city on the other side of the river. Now that is the good news I have. The bad part of this transfer, is that I’m working with another African. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m so surprised, I mean this is the fifth time this has happened! (I would venture to add, maybe even a mission record)
Well, all that change will be taking affect Wednesday. As well, Elder Colindres, a good friend of mine, will be going home Wednesday – officially making me the oldest missionary out in the field. Or the “grandpa” as we call it!  If you’ve lost count, I’ve got two more transfers left (12 weeks). So not long at all. As well, I heard that the mission president wants all the missionaries to spend there last transfer in Brazzaville Congo. If that is the case – then this mission is going to end soooo fast. I guess we’ll find out together.
This week I’ve had some good experiences – just small things that you pick up throughout the mission. One was what I talked about last week. Making and achieving plans. Well, this week Elder Mwehu and I made and achieved amazing plans. Although the work didn’t change immediately, I was proud of what we did.