Nov 3, 2013

10-29-13 No Fancy Titles This Week............

This week has been awful! To start off the week we were attacked by a massive spider Tuesday. It was about the size of our hands and so we tried to kill it.  We trapped it under a can and then tried to burn it with by making a flame throwing with air-freshener and a match. Ha-ha.  Sadly, Elder Lavering wasn’t too good of a shot and so in the end we just killed it with a broom. 

Also, I was accused by some South Africans of being a spy!  They swore I was from the FBI or CIA and that I was really here to see how we could infiltrate Africa.

As it is the season of scary stories and spooky tales - I have a story for you all about the scariest night of my life.  Friday at 1am I was awoken by Elder Lundberg shaking me violently yelling, "Johnson, Johnson, get up! I don’t know what the heck is going on but get up!"   There were loud banging sounds that sounded like gunshots and shattering of glass.  The sound was coming from our garage and we all remembered we forgot to lock the inner gate to the apartment!  So at 1am we were thinking that someone is breaking into the house and we were freaking out, especially because there have been two murders in Pointe Noire recently!  After about 10 minutes it stopped and we learned that it was just a crazy drunk guy smashing windows in the apartment under us.  This was the scariest night of my life!!

Ngasaki was supposed to be baptized but it turns out that he has a fiancĂ© that he doesn’t want to give up.  So that’s 6 months of work that may never produce fruits.  Aflonse is a member that was paralyzed and was doing better with the branch members help but now the members don’t visit him and so he doesn’t eat for days on end or have water.  We bought him water and food on Friday and then talked to the Branch President on Sunday.  To which the president chastised us for bragging about our service.  So disappointing!  We just want to get him some help.

To top off the week I got a “Dear John Email” from Cassie.  I can’t blame her, after all I’m 8000 miles away in a 3rd world country. This week has been so rough and I am just about ready to come home.  I’m not sure what that would do to you guys but Africa is a rough ride for me, I guess.  I’ll keep you updated on my plans and how I’m doing but until then, I love you all and hope all is well for you, which it sounds like it is!

Elder Johnson

PS - Note from Mom to blog followers:  Please go to the contact page above and consider writing Julius a postcard or short email to encourage him and uplift him.  Any positive thoughts would be appreciated as that may help give him the additional strength to push through the trials he'll experience in the next year and a half in Africa.