Nov 25, 2013

11-18-13 The Congo is Still the Congo

The week started off well.  We went to a FHE (Family Home Evening) with one of the branch presidency members and had fun with their family.  I also ate a mango for the first time and thought it was really good - however now I know that eating mango is super messy! 

With that - this week Elder Lundberg and I were led by the spirit so much this week.  We have met members from Brazzaville, Sierra Leone, Benin, Ivory Coast, and even some less actives from Congo.  Because the church is so small in this city, when people come here they often lose contact with the church for some time until they find the missionaries.  Some of these people were met while we were lost looking for some street or simply walking from rendezvous to rendezvous. I t was really awesome to notice that this week. 

Also we did something that is pretty awesome this week - we went a whole week spending $3 on transport!!  That’s a whole week of buses and taxis on three American dollars. So we felt pretty proud of that. 

We are now teaching another man from Ghana - Peter!  He's really awesome but does not speak or read French, so we’re getting a bunch of English things for him. But at church I sat next to him and translated for him.  The group would talk for a few minutes and then I would write, on scrap paper from my planner, two or three sentences explaining the doctrine that was being explained.  At the end of church he had three pieces of paper that were full of doctrine, which he read and reread!

Elder Lundberg and I have been feeling that things are getting a little dull here so we are praying for exciting experiences this week - maybe next week I’ll have a crazy story! :) 

Also to clarify, yes we put the homeless Ghanaian with the paralyzed Congolese.  We are learning that it might not have really helped, but we will see.