Nov 25, 2013

11-04-13 Back in the Saddle!

Don’t worry I’m staying in Africa!  Not only am I staying but I’m
about to light Africa on spiritual fire!  Haha.  Yeah, last week was bad, but this week was a great reset for me.  And just in time for the 6 month mark.  Honestly, I slept maybe 2 hours Monday night and prayed a whole lot - but Tuesday - I got up said a very sincere prayer and went to work.  That has made all the difference!  I just felt very calm about all this.  I told Heavenly Father in my prayer that I will dedicate myself to the work here, and forget my worries about things and when I get home…if he can help me out when I get back that would be great.  Regardless, Elder Johnson is now completely on the Lord's errand.

We had two baptisms this week, and I got to baptize for the first time ever!  The first was Ange (Ricardo).  I started teaching Ricardo when I got here but he went on a trip to Gabon for a few months.  He is the son of a Jehovah witness pastor and I have already relayed the situation he was put into by his father.  He has a lot of questions but he has enough faith that they never become a problem.  After his baptism and confirmation he bore his testimony in church!  He said he knew the Book of Mormon was true and that this church is true.  Also Djo gave a powerful testimony! (he was baptized in august)  That made me so happy to see that the fruits of our labor are being kept!

Roland is the second new member of the church.  I baptized him which was kind of nerve racking but it all worked out.  He is the son in law of a very strong member and the brother of another great sister.  Soeur Dilov!  We love this family and they have been such a blessing to missionary work here in Africa.  From them we have baptized about 6 other people.  Lesson to be learned - give your friend’s number to the missionaries.  They can help you! We have been working with the branch a lot lately to try and get them
to trust us even more with their friends and family member's
information.  We will see how that goes.  As you know president Sombo doesn’t take too strong of a liking to us. We had another argument with him in his office yesterday.  But we are determined to help everyone here we can.  Elder Lundberg is great and we get along fine.  No problems.  I’m probably a little more humble than I was when I started with Elder Baker.  This week, like I said has been good for me.  The next year and a half I am expecting the miracles to increase!  Ahh, I’m out of time for the week, but I love you all and wish you the best.  Thanks for the prayers.  I’ll have to pay you back with my prayers this week!

Love Elder Johnson

PS - I saw a dump truck do a pop a wheelie the other day. haha