Nov 25, 2013

11-11-13 It's the End of the World as We Know it, but I Feel Fine

This week there’s Ferious' birthday (my older brother), but also my 6 month mark on Friday!  That’s crazy how fast time flies!  So I think I’m no longer a greenie :)

This week has been crazy - just seems like our branch is getting
struck by lightning. (hence the title of the email, but don’t worry I’m okay).  So Elder Lundberg and I set a goal to build relations with the Branch President this week, and Heavenly Father blessed us with that opportunity.  We all went out to visit the brother who is having trouble walking and tried to find a solution.  Basically he has no family here in Pointe Noire and so we couldn’t improve the situation, or so it seemed.  But Heavenly Father later provided a solution.  Also a recent convert I baptized, Gilberto, is having some problems with his family.  After his mom died he moved in with his aunt and was baptized.  But his aunt is against the church and so she gives him endless chores so he can’t go to church.  He says he gets up at 5am to clean the entire house but she still finds things to keep him from coming.  So, we are trying to think up a solution to that problem as well. 

Later, Steven, a man from Ghana who I love, came to us and after visiting with him we learned he had no place to stay and had slept out in the ran the night before. (his house burnt down about 3 weeks ago)  So that night we set up an appointment with President Sombo and thought of some solutions.  The idea came - Steven needs a place to stay.  Alfonse needs someone to help him.  So, Steven is now staying with Alfonse to help watch over him and in return is staying in Alfonse's home!  How incredible that Heavenly Father would set up this situation.

That’s why the title is as is.  Me and Lundberg have to laugh and shake our heads when we see all the problems that simply come without ceasing, otherwise it might get down.  And although we sometimes have no idea what to do, we feel fine and are strengthened by the resolve that heaven will provide a way!  And that’s what has happened so far :)

Investigator wise - we are doing good.  We have refreshed our pool of now 20 people and are seeing some awesome growth.  All is well for us below the equator!

Elder Bednar dedicated Gabon this week!!  So that means missionaries are going there soon and we are starting to hear rumors of Brazzaville opening up.  As was said in conference (which we just watched this weekend) the Lord is hastening his work!!

I love you All and will keep praying for your success!  Thanks for the support and love, but until next week

Elder Johnson