Jun 20, 2014

06-09-14 Where’s Your Ticket

Walking over to the cyber, I said to another missionary, "I don’t know
what I’m going to write about to my family, all my experiences are the
same". So this week we haven’t had a lot crazy stories. Just work as

But I guess I can start by explaining my companionship. Ntambwe is a
super hard worker, and his mission means everything to him. Also, he
is super compassionate towards our amis, I think he just relates more
to their stories and problems; which is a super good quality. He's
really different from Kampoy as well. Kampoy was super social and
talkative (kinda like a girl ha-ha) and was a little more relaxed. If I
had to make a comparison, I would say Ntambwe is more like me at the
beginning of my mission and Kampoy worked more like me now. Honestly,
our arguments have just been over little things that then blow up into
massive problems. I think the little arguments are pretty much over
though, which is nice. We both recognize that we prefer to work, even
if it means working with someone different than us. So I guess we will
see how the next 5 weeks ago.

This week we had a baptism as well. Marcel, has been studying with
missionaries for almost a year! and finally I got him in the water! I
think it was just being super stern with him that helped. For a long
time when I arrived we taught him even though he didn’t want to be
baptized. He was basically a member in honesty. He came to church
every week. Read the book of Mormon and doctrine and alliance. Knew
the members, but he simply had some problems with commandments. About
a month ago we told him that we won’t keep teaching him because he had
learned everything and now needed to choose baptism or not (but we
said as soon as he was ready we would be there). And it worked - he
chose! On Sunday it was hilarious, because about 40 minutes after
leaving the church with some members, they all came back. Kind of
strange? Apparently, Marcel was just talking about the Gospel nonstop
with them and didn’t want to go home, so he came back to church and
hung out with all the members from the other branch! It was nice to
finally have his membership made official.

That seems to be all, today we played basketball with everyone and a
new temporary senior couple, the Gates. Even though Elder Gates is 60
he was dang good - and also talked a lot of trash talk. ha-ha. He would
go up to others and say "Show me your ticket! Do you have your ticket?
I mean you might as well be watching the game" It was fun, but
left us all a little wiped.

I think that's all I got for this week. New ward mission leader! Nde
is a member from London that got called to be our leader - so that’s
going to be cool!

I love y'all! Happy summer vacation, let me know of all the fun plans
you are making :) best of luck to all of you, I love you!

Elder Johnson