Jun 20, 2014

05-19-14 There’s Always Next Week

Julius could not Skype on Mothers Day because the power was out.  He said the he lives on one side of a large hill and the Senior couple lives on the other side, as well as the President of Yaoundé. The power rarely goes out on the President’s side of the hill but is out on the missionaries’ side quite often. And they don’t have running water but the Presidents side always has water.

Julius Writes –
It was so nice talking to all of you - even if the 30 minutes went by super quick. I already want it to be Christmas to talk again! I guess this email will be a follow up of our conversation and some ajoutes (additions in French). 

After the conversation I realized that I could’ve answered some questions more in-depth. So here we go. You asked about entertainment, and what Africans do. So soccer is the biggest thing for the guys and hand-ball for the girls. They spend so much time watching and playing. Especially since Cameroon has a worldwide team - the Lions. Alcohol is big as well. But also pirated DVDs are a massive source of entertainment. Most people don’t have cable, and original DVDs can cost 8000 CFCA. So venders sell tables full of homemade copies. Everything from Disney to Jackie Chan! The copies cost $1 so pretty inexpensive. Once a missionary informed then that pirating is illegal to which the sellers responded, "Only for you Americans, we don’t have money so it’s okay that we copy the films". . 

Also about the rich whites. Living in Africa is super expensive if you want nice western living - and although a lot of the houses are subsidized by banks and companies, it’s also just the type of whites that come to Africa to work which creates such a difference. Its business owners (usually of construction) and diplomats that come, people of no small reputation, thus they can afford the western housing which is simply expensive because it’s built in Africa. 

I don’t think there was too much that went on this week that's worth of note that I didn’t mention in our phone call. This week is going to go by so fast, zone conference with President Cook tomorrow; baptism Saturday of an 8 year old; so it  shouldn’t be too long until I’m back here writing you guys. Side note - I talked with Braiden - and we decided that we think we'd like to room together again when we return to BYU. 

Well have a fantastic week of finishing up school! keep working hard and have some sweet adventures. I love you guys bunches!

Elder Johnson