Jun 20, 2014

06-02-14 It’s the End of the World as We Know It

I just read your email about Peter, that's extremely shocking. I’m relieved that Peter is doing ok as of now and is recovering fine. If you get the chance do me a favor - tell Peter (or Sister Carpenter), "I love him, and will be praying fervently for him." Also you have to add in a classic "Peter Carpenter type joke", like this one - What do you call a man with no arms and no legs playing in the leaves?  Russell.  
That made me smile a good deal, so maybe Peter will like it as well. 

That news seems to dwarf anything I had to say this week. So like I said, Ntambwe came to work with me this week. Our companionship started on Wednesday. There are definitely some similarities between him and kampoy - I mean they both have some African characteristics - but there are some stark contrasts. Sunday, some sparks started flying between us, and by sparks I mean massive fire balls. It worked itself out with the help of the zone leaders - it'll be a long 6 weeks! But gotta accept the challenge, right?

As of news this week, we walked. Walked again, walked after that. Did I mention we walked? The day after that not too surprisingly - we actually shuffled ha-ha. In reality, this week was pretty plain. The transfers changed everything up so we have just been getting settled in. 

Sorry it’s a short email but I think that’s all the news in honesty. I love ya guys as always and wish you the best with last week of school! (or first week of summer, I forget) But have some fun and be a beast!