Oct 14, 2013

10-14-13 Choose Ye The Gospel or “Everything You Ever Wanted”

A former investigator who left for a trip to Gabon returned this week and explained that he was excited to talk with us. He had kept his testimony even though it has been 3 months since we saw him. That got us pretty excited as well.  He then relayed to us that his dad told him he would never have a son who was Mormon, and threw out all the scriptures, magazines, dvds, and other church related materials. His dad gave him two options; One - stay in Point Noire and be baptized and lose all monetary support from his father which would leave him homeless and without a job as a student; or Two - go out to live in a village where the Gospel is not yet and get everything he has ever wanted - including a visa to America and an all-expense paid trip. (I should let you know that his dad definitely has the money and could have followed through on that promise). He called us Thursday and explained that he will stay in Pointe Noire!  I will keep you updated. 

Steven, from Ghana, his house was broken into and burned down. He lost everything. His wife was at the hospital, his daughter was at school, and he was at work. He told the branch (church congregation) yesterday that when he came home he saw his wife and daughter who were safe and said, "I am ok".  It’s difficult as a missionary in Africa because we all wish we could help people monetarily and physically. But we are here for spiritual aid. The most we can offer is prayers and spiritual thoughts (and also service, but not in this sort of problem). It takes a lot of faith that God will take care of them, and that the Branch members who can help physically, will do their part.  I learned that this is why everyone needs to lift where they stand. 

Fun story, I took a bucket shower yesterday for the first time! Our power was out all day and so it was necessary. And actually it’s not that bad. Maybe I’ll continue to take them when I get home! All is well in Africa and I am enjoying the work here. I would be lying if I said there aren’t occasionally doubts and negative feelings, but it is all going well and I will keep going. 5 months have gone by very fast!

To answer your question for clarification - So baptisms shouldn’t be in the cow trough because we actually have a real font at the other church owned building - so it makes the occasion a little more special.

I’m happy all is going well for you at home. All those prayers seem to be paying off.  Keep pressing forward because all is truly well in Zion!

Elder Johnson

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