Oct 14, 2013

10-07-13 Keeping the Fruits of Our Labor

So Elder Lundberg was able to transfer to my area now, which was nice.  It sort of took some pressure off me for this week. We are getting to know each other and I think we’ll teach well together. He is tall and skinny and from Utah. I will keep you updated on how things are going with our companionship. 

Gilberto was baptized! He is the brother of Jeannela, who was baptized recently as well. We started teaching him because one day he was just in the room with Jeannela and after our visit he showed some interest.  He is a nice kid that reminds me of my older brother Ferious!  So, just picture Ferious speaking French and that’s Gilberto. haha  He’s a nice kid and I love him. 

Ismael was also baptized. He has been meeting with missionaries for forever.  He’s really smart and was recently accepted into the next level of school, high school!  He is very proud of that and for people here in Congo that’s a pretty big step.  Now we have 10 new members that we need to fellowship and help out – it’s going to be a lot of work but it’s worth it!  Like president Hinckley said, "You have to keep the fruits of our labor or there is no point in doing this work". 

I was going through our area book and came across a name of someone that was dropped, Kevin.  He was on track to be married and was progressing but was dropped for some reason. So I called him up and asked if we could stop by. To which he agreed. As soon as we met he said, "I was surprised when you called, today is my only day off. So it must be the will of God." Heavenly father definitely knows His children better than we do – that’s a testimony that is continually being fortified for me out here. 

Some random things this week - We watched the priesthood session of conference with the Wheatly’s as a zone last night. How it works, is the branches will receive the translated CD's and we will set aside a weekend to watch them. Also as I was working with branch missionaries this week and it gave me the chance to work on French.  As I learned, I still can’t pronounce my "R’s" correctly.  I guess all that speech therapy training in elementary school went to waste. haha - ohh well.  I'll keep at it, but until then my French can get me around perfectly fine!

I think that that is really all that I have got to relay to you all at home. Life here is going good, I find the happiest times on my mission are the times I’m out doing things like teaching. So until next week, I will be here - saving the world!


Elder Johnson