Jun 20, 2013

06-20-13 Week 5 of 6 in the MTC

Hi All - I know my emails are usually very spiritual and explain the emotional aspect of being a missionary. So this week I'll attempt to explain how fun the MTC has been and what I have been doing with my time.
This week has been fantastic with reagards to lessons. We finally had that golden lesson with Francis, our investigator, and every lesson since then has been absolutely great! Our companionship is working well and we now have both our investigators committed to baptism! After 6 weeks in the MTC I think I'm finally ready to teach lessons to real people in the congo. Which is a good thing because I HAVE RECEIVED MY TRAVEL PLANS!
This means my visa has gone through and I'll be in Africa in a week or so. Here are the plans:
I am leaving the MTC on June 25th at 3:30am. 
SALT LAKE CITY - 7:28am to WASHINGTON DC - 1:42pm
(I'll then have a 3 hour layover)
WASHINGTON DC - 5:20pm to FRANKFURT GERMANY! - 7:20am June 26th
(I'll be in germany for 3 hours)
GERMANY - 10:10am to CONGO, POINT-NOIRE - 6:20pm June 26th
So - I have my malaria pills and will start them tomorrow and unless I start having mental problems or throwing up uncontrollably - I'm good to go!  
I'm very excited to be reporting to my field of labor in a matter of days. I guess all those years of German in high school really payed off in the end because I will definitely be teaching in the German airport while I wait.
Kaleb, please tell Herr Hebert thank you for teaching me German so diligently all those years of high school. In his own way he has helped progress this Work for the Lord.  
Because I'm not leaving until next Tuesday, I'll be singing in the world wide leadership training Sunday.  So I will be in the choir - maybe you will see me. 
Some fun french phrases you all can use (spelled pheonetically):
(tay-may schont) - you are mean
(say-day qwaf) - that undoes my hair; its an expression for when something blows your mind haha
(si-yeah) - there it is; when the expected happens
Hope you enjoy and all is well for all of you!
Elder Johnson


Note from Mom -
I have to add:  Although Julius is usually found smiling - his countanence looks brighter - He obviously is in the right place at the right time, and is enjoying serving.