Jun 5, 2013

06-05-13 Week 3 of 6 in the MTC Part 2

Before I went to bed on June 3rd I rechecked my email to see if Julius had sent anything.  I was so happy to see that one did come in! 

Julus Writes:
Here at the MTC everything is as usual. The language is increasing everyday and I'm speaking for a good majority of our lessons which is really exciting! I am sure by the end of my stay at the MTC I will still have a lot to learn and to try and master with regards to french, but for now I think I have made sufficient progress.
I'm getting anxious to leave the MTC, only 19 days until I get on a plane to Africa which is absolutely fantastic! I was made the senior companion last Wednesday and since then have been trying to keep our companionship diligent and focused. Especially since we now have two new investigators (our teachers) and everyone in our district is becoming a little less focused. I guess after 3 weeks of working it is really easy to get distracted. And it seems like my efforts are paying off, we have on multiple days been teaching two lessons. On Friday though we had the best experience teaching yet.
In the morning we taught our first investigator (Francis) about the restoration. It was a complete fail!  This was a lesson we had been planning for two days and was continually rescheduled. When we taught the words simply didn't come, and it seemed like we were all over the place as a companionship. Testimonies would be shared and then no one would follow up, (as a missionary you alsways testify in pairs) we would ask questions that didn't help bring the spirit. It was a disaster! The comments from the teacher were so discouraging to me. And I was upset at myself and my companions. So that night we taught our second investigator (Eloise) and what a difference! This was a lesson we had prepared for maybe one hour, and hadn't given much thought to. When we started teaching the spirit was immediately there. Our transitions were flawless, our testimonies where powerful and our message was clear. After the teacher commented that that lesson was one of the best she had ever heard or been taught while teaching at the MTC!
I am going to try and send pictures of what lesson plans look like for me so you all can see how much effort goes into these things. But with Eloise's lesson I think Heavenly Father might have taken control to show us what a lesson should look and feel like for missionaries. I love teaching the Gospel and it's exciting everytime we teach. Obviously I, nor my companions are perfect and we have a long way to go but we are close to being ready to go to Africa. 
So some fun things that have happened this week. Every day for gym we play volley ball which is an absolute blast, and I am getting really good at beach volleyball now. Also my district leader had to have the heimlich because he tried to eat an entire piece of pizza in one bite. In honesty the MTC is pretty standard and comparable to being in college, there are just a lot more of spiritual experiences every day.
So something I learned from Elder Bednar:  He said that on a mission you need to be converted, that is who your greatest convert should be, but if that is your goal (to convert yourself) you will fail because that is the natural man looking inward. To be converted you need to be like Christ and always look outward. And when you lose yourself in His service you find yourself because you will have been converted. interesting logic, but it makes sense. Also I learned that the day I entered the MTC was the day in history that the Aaronic Priesthood was restored.  Also to "Dear Elder" me look at my contact page.  It's free and is delivered the same day. Hopefully I get some letters and such. Thanks for all the support!