Jun 15, 2013

06-05-2013 Letter in the Mail

  • Only 7 days to "Dear Elder" Julius before he leaves for Africa. See his contact page to find out how to get a letter hand delivered to him in the MTC the day you write it. 

  • Julius has found time somewhere in his busy training schedule to hand write and mail 3 letters home. I have to share a few things from his last letter:

Dear Family,
I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I hope they came out clear. This letter will expand on a few things I emailed about and a few things I'm learning.  We began TRCs which is basically teaching members. You literally walk into a room with no lesson plan or any idea as to whom you will meet, and then you talk with them and teach them according to their needs. The first time we taught a return missionary from Africa, named Garrett. The lesson went well and we enjoyed our time together.

I've finally adjusted to the MTC physically. For the first week I always felt sick 24/7 and I was always tired. However, I now wake up at 6am automatically and I'm always ready for bed by 10:30pm. I liked your email about the Brother from Africa in your area who walked 4 miles to church and told you that it was nothing compared to walking 20 miles to church in Africa. I think walking 20-30 miles everyday will be an adventure!  I always hear from missionaries returning from the Congo, that I wont do much door knocking because the members keep the missionaries busy with personal referrals.

So far at the MTC everyone says I'm really quiet.  They say I'm the poster child for "Quiet Dignity". I guess I'm not as crazy as I thought. Also, everyone comments on how organized I am, which isn't really that organized at all.  The reason I say that is because - when I got my call, I figure that God must pick people like 'Julius Johnson' to go the the DRC of Africa, but in reality I haven't met anyone like me yet. My companion Elder Leavitt reminds me of Peter Carpenter. His hand gestures, jokes, and spirit is almost identical. And Elder Brockbank reminds me exactly of Drew.  I think Heavenly Father knew I would need spirits / people like them to get me through the MTC. : )

Kaleb - Please let Herr Herbert (Julius's German teacher in high school), know where I was called and that his teaching of German has helped a lot in learning French.  I really appreciate all I learned from him.
(Kaleb is Julius's little brother)

Love - Julius