Apr 21, 2015

04/06/15 The Right Reasons

Well closer everyday but still not there yet. I've been trying so hard
to catch up on my journal so far, we are just working really
effectively and every day is so filled with rendezvous that we don’t
have much down-time. I think if I had to give a theme for this
transfer in this sector it would be the title of the email. As I
written in my journal I’ve been noticing that it's been a reoccurring
theme. I think at the end of the mission it's a good time to test the
integrity of your reasons for serving, obviously there is that
temptation at the end to slow down and coast through the little bit of
time that’s left. it’s easy to rationalize that "I’ve done enough" and
"anything I do now won’t really make a difference", and I think if I
was out here to just fill in the time, it'd be pretty easy to give
into those ideas. So that's what I’ve been learning and reminding
myself of these past few days, doing things for the right reasons.

Obviously the right reasons in missionary work are based on Christ.
It’s all about him and everything returns back to that starting point.
The best example was yesterday. Church was good but as always a little
frustrating with the branch and other things that kinda just took the
energy out of me. As a missionary Sundays are easily the busiest
days of the week! After church we had one lesson with a recent convert
(who was actually baptized Saturday by none other than me - I was
terribly nervous about screwing it up but it all went really well!)
But anyway that one lesson was it. It was really tempting to call it a
day and go get some much wanted sleep. But then I remembered that it
was Easter; a day we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. I reminded myself that I am supposed to be representing Him to others, that's my job, and I don’t really think he would've called it a day at 4pm. So with that in mind I rededicated to
go serve and do ALL the work I had to do that day. Turns out yesterday
was a good day of work! Anyway my testimony has grown these past few
weeks that Christ is our reason in all things.

I heard about conference and I’ve heard that they talked a lot about
the family! Also 3 new temples announced! I’m excited to watch it as
soon as we get the discs - which I’m hoping to be right before I leave.
I love all you guys and hope spring is nice!