Apr 21, 2015

03/09/15 Old Crow (That's what we call the old missionaries)

Sounds like life for all of us if pretty much the same. Out here nothing is changing too much. We are just working our hearts out and trying to get people baptized. Sadly, 3 of our 7 baptismal candidates turned out to not be that awesome after all and still need A LOT of preparation. I guess it took 5 weeks for them to show their true colors. But we have 4 that are still awesome and going to be baptize soon. (4 brothers that are so fun to teach, teaching children is just so much better! They don’t ask stupid questions and they don’t listen to criticize, they just listen and ask when they don’t understand). 
Transfers are coming up this next Sunday (Already!?) So next week I should have news as to where I will be ending and even possibly when! I'll let you know, I’m hoping I don’t get sent to Brazzaville, Congo. I’m kinda hoping for an American companion to end things with - but I’m not counting on it.
Today the other elders and I were talking and I told them, I’m definitely trying to not think about home. And I am definitely not excited to leave the mission. I mean it's not like I’m itching to rip off the tie and throw the badge to the ground, but the reality that it is ending is on my mind more and more each week. Kinda scary!  
Thank you for the sacrifices so I can serve a full time mission!