Nov 19, 2014

11/10/14 The Crazy Things we Hear

I’m glad you all got a kick out of that story!  On transfers, we got changed around again. So Elder Okon is leaving me to go to Brazzaville. And I’m receiving ANOTHER African companion. What!? This will be my fourth African companion. Literally 4 of 8 companions have been African. That is almost unheard of out here. To give you some idea, there are usually 2 Africans in an "American" city at a time. Figuring that there are 25 Americans on this side of the mission and maybe 6 Africans. Everyone usually works with an African once in a while, but back to back to back - never. I’m obviously surprised, but regardless I’m going to just work so hard these last 6 months. So hopefully my companions can keep up. 

This week there was nothing too special. So sorry to not give another gut busting story. Maybe that's how the mission works - one exciting week for a boring week? BUT Elder Okon has kept track of some of the funniest stuff people tell us. 

So I present you the "List of ridiculous things that missionaries hear in Africa!": 

·       "They are missionaries, that's their problem! Sharing the word of God." - Augustine (Augustine is an Anglophone. this shows generally how English is spoken here. and yes the Gospel is our problem haha.)
·       "God is a humble God." - said in sunday school

·       Someone was giving a contribution in Elder's quorum, when another member tries jumping in. The member already talking says, "Ferme!" or close your mouth! (I think elder's quorum is the biggest place of arguments ever - like in the history of the church)

·       "If 4 people found the book of Mormon in the ground the world would accept it, but they don’t like the idea of an angel bringing it." - Elder Coleman

·       "I read a lot, to the extent that I can’t even explain it to you. But if you like, you can tell me more." -Emmanuel (okay, what does that even mean!)

·       "The bible says that alcohol gives us courage and food gives us strength." - Daniel (I’m sorry, I think my bible is missing that verse. can you show me where?)

·       During our missionary training last week, "There are people looking for the truth and they can’t find it. That's why they build churches and that's why they can go to the mosques and make noise." - President Monga

·       Watching these TV prophets perform miracles and discussing it with an Ami, "Their prayers are really effective. They pray and people vomit." - Idrich (why does that make their prayers effective? haha)

·       In speaking with Daniel about the word of wisdom, he started giving us terrible reasons why he needed to drink. Here was the best, "In engineering school they taught us that we are special people. That if our calves start itching then we can drink some beer and it'll start to rain. And that rain helps others. So we need to drink beer." (I’m sorry did I just forget all my French - because if I heard you right, you think that drinking beer when you have an itch causes it to rain?) 

Those are just some of the many things we hear all day - and I love it!  It makes the work so fun and interesting. This world has some characters to offer and I think we might just run into the best of them! Like I've said before, I love my job! Well the work continues this week and I'll let you know how it goes. But for now have another great week in school and work. I love all you guys!  Don’t worry, I’m safe out here - even when jumping on bandits!  

Keep working hard - je vous aime, vous tous! 

Don’t think I forgot about your birthday this week - cuz I didn’t! Happy 23rd Birthday! Thanks for being a great brother and an even better friend. I love you and can’t wait to hang out with you again after the mission. Start setting aside the best anime series that we can watch together. And prepare yourself for some serious airsoft as well. For the time being have a happy birthday! I love you bunches. 

ps - start prepping your questions for the skype session! :)