Nov 19, 2014

10-13-14 Just another week -BUT that’s a week on a mission

What!!? Denzel was baptized? You have to tell him congratulations for me! Tell him to write me if you see him again, or send me his email. Also tell John thanks for being such a great missionary. I’ve heard about this Meet the Mormons movie. So sick! I hope it’s still in theaters when I get home. It’s so interesting seeing how the church functions across the world. While we’re still knocking doors and handing out brochures – over there they are using movies and social media. Insane! 

Well, while it’s getting cold over there it’s getting hot over here. Don’t know why because we are both on the northern hemisphere, seasons are weird here. Anyway, no one really celebrates Halloween like we do in America. In the Congo they have a “Party of the Dead” instead. It’s around the same time and members of the church always asked if it’s appropriate to participate. Basically they clean the tombs of family. They always are shocked when we explain that we dress up as monsters and ghosts and ask for candy!  Honestly, the biggest party here is New Years. Christmas and Easter and other things just don’t exist. I think we as missionaries will carve watermelons though. I’ll send you picks. 

With the whole Ebola thing, it’s kinda funny over here as well for us. Everyone teases us about how our country is infected and how it’ll destroy America.

Uhh…. yeah right. I’m sure it’ll spread but not as fast and uncontrollably as over here. It took Nigeria 4 months to contain it, so I’ll give America 2. No matter what it’ll go away and everything will be good. But to be safe don’t go around touching dead bodies you guys!  haha. That's the advice we get. 

Our week has been pretty normal in honesty. Okon and I are getting along and learning how to teach together in unity. It’s different with every companion so it takes some getting used to. The branch has been just sky-rocketing in awesomeness. We had a great activity about marriage the other day. A real fireside that was uplifting and enjoyable. As well we had the primary program Sunday. So cute!  And again, inspirational. Sacrament is reverent and during a baptism service this week, the spirit was super strong. Members are getting along and leaders are happy. Still things to improve on, but it’s all good. 

Nursery calling for you mom? Sounds like a blast. And maybe I’ll join Robert in the youth when I get back. We joke about how returned missionaries always get funneled into callings like that or ward missionary work. Whatever calling, I’m so excited to attend sacrament meeting as a family! 

I hope all is well for you at home. Tell Ferious to go to those YSA activities, and invite Drew as well! They’ll have a blast, I know it. Kaleb is almost done with school as well, if he graduates early. Hopefully Gabbie’s racing career is going fantastic as well. Give everyone my best wishes this week. I didn’t get to see the pictures you sent, but I’d definitely like to see Maya’s art. Keep working on your talents! I love all you guys so much! Keep being awesome!
So this week, I forgot to mention that, our sink exploded. Something similar happened back in Congo when I started. (Flashback: an entire tile wall fell down!) So that was the latest repair we had to do in the apartment.
 A silly picture with Elder Okon. Just waiting for an ami and wanted to snap a pic

And we cleaned the church, so I figured you'd want to see what our gospel prinicples class looks like. Basically all the other rooms look the same. Pretty simple, but different.

Now a mission helps you learn and love the gospel. But it also makes you the most patriotic person! Bacera, West and I bought these sick USA jerseys and just had to take a team picture. Maybe this picture conveys our pride for our country haha. AMERICA! If you can’t tell which stud I am...the one on the right.