Oct 7, 2014

10-06-14 A Birthday in the Family

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Kaleb, happy birthday to you! Hey birthday boy, I hope you are having a great day. Happy 17th birthday! Dang, you are old. You’re an awesome brother and I love you. I’m impressed with how hard you are working this year, keep it up.
I heard about this Ebola things in the USA. Over hear it has been contained in the bigger countries like Nigeria. So I’m sure Americans will stop it before it blows up. If you haven’t heard how it started, it was because some people at an infected bat! A bat! Why, out of all animals did someone eat the bat? Some things that I still don’t get. For now though, we are safe.
This week has been such a long week. Elder West left me Wednesday, so since then I’ve been with Elder Okon. He is from Nigeria and speaks English as a native language. It’s funny because with my other Congolais companions I would speak a lot of French with them, but Okon is still learning French. So sometimes when I’m trying to explain a complex situation, I start in French, and then realize that I’m in the wrong language. haha. So far things have been going well.
This week we have had a bunch of people accept baptismal dates. And I’m always surprised because essentially I’m telling them to leave their church, and they agree. So usually after committing them, I clarify, “So you are going to leave your church, and STOP going to it, and come join us at our church!?” Yeah, they get it. All in all work is going good. Now we just got to get all our amis to actually come to church. You’ll have to fact check this with the missionaries over there, but I imagine that’s a universal problem for all missionaries.
Sacrament was again 100% reverent!  Woohoo, one problem fixed in the branch. Actually things have been getting better in this branch. For the past 2 months, everyone was passing rumors and arguing and being stupid; but two weeks ago, everyone changed. People are happy after church and talk and laugh. Lessons are uplifting and engaging. Things are just getting better. And I think it is honestly because people just started falling in line. Just doing what the leaders say. Obviously there are still problems but, now the members like coming to church. Hopefully they take President Uchtdorf’s counsel and keep asking “Lord, is it I?”
I know President Uchtdorf said that because we watched Priesthood Session of Conference yesterday night! The couple downloaded it for us. We also had a great dinner made by Sister Coleman. All of us were blown away by Elder Cook’s talk; definitely setting goals in my life now. I’m pumped to see the rest of conference in November when the CDs arrive over here.
Life is good on my end. Healthy and happy. I started drawing cartoons again in my free time, so maybe I’ll send you some in the coming weeks. Work hard in school and have fun. Now it’s your turn to stay safe from Ebola haha! Let me know about the things going on in your lives, it’s exciting to see how you guys progress in life. Love y’all!
Ps – the wallet situation. So lost my wallet on Tuesday, which was the saddest thing because it was a wallet I made out of French pokemon cards! Totally original. Not to mention it had 25 American dollars, THAT WAS MY WENDY’S MONEY FOR MY RETURN TRIP!! Now, the lesser things were the atm card and church insurance card. I have another insurance card already, so that’s all good. I guess it would be nice to have a new atm card. Maybe just put it in a normal envelope with a letter and send it to me, which could get here in a month or so. And to make sure no one steals my money later you can secretly email me the pin code haha. That’s probably the best solution as of now. Thanks for helping me out. I mean 17 months and now I lose the wallet! My passport is safe, don’t worry.