Sep 22, 2014

09-22-14 Ferious has a Beard!

Ferious has a beard! Since when? That should’ve been big news in one of your emails. haha. You all look super good and happy. I'm pumped to go out with you guys and do stuff like that. The photos from Mnt Rushmore look super sick as well. National geographic photographer is always an option Robert.
I’m equally pumped to speak French with Maya on Christmas, which will be our last skype session of my mission (in case you happened to be counting).
It was a full week of sun. The dry season is starting which means no rain ever, except for the massive storms at night. Even right now, it’s blazing hot out there. But it's Africa, what’s you going to do? Surprisingly I didn’t see any sunglass salesmen this whole week. Like seriously, the one week I need some and they aren’t selling.
So West and I are getting pretty tan out here. We also redid that service project again. Every other Saturday we have to scrub the church driveway. It felt like honestly working at a car wash. Just hanging out with the coolest missionaries ever, and splashing around water. Not too bad of a service project.
Honestly, I don’t think I have too many stories this week. We had to play spy on Saturday which was pretty cool. An ami called us and said to come teach her at her shop in the middle of Marche central. Marche central is basically like that corner star mall. But filled with hundreds of tiny shops. Not including the maze inside the building that literally has a hundred more shops. The only description we got from her was "my shop is by the moto-men and the people who sell tapioca". What!? After searching for 20 minutes, we actually found her. We felt super awesome and it turned out that she is a super awesome ami!
Other than that it was just a normal week of work. We have been trying to revamp our teaching pool, since it's full of not very serious people. I think out of our 40 amis, maybe 9 are progressing. So it's time to restart and reteach a bunch of people - but hey, that's the work! Sorry the email is a bit short, I had to wait like an hour until I got on a computer, so time is a bit against us.
Thanks for the email update, I’m glad you all didn’t die in a car wreck, as I was beginning to suspect. haha. I love you guys a bunch! You're awesome, all of you. Have another fantastic week.

I snuck up on an ami without him knowing and look what I found him doing! Studying the book of mormon! So sick, that brings a smile to any missionary's face!

Selfie!  Julius with thumbs up.

Julius on Right - Elder West on Left.
Just another day teaching in Afirca.

Nice View while waiting to teach and Ami.